Recent Updates

13 May 2018

Install tool has a hotfix for IWDEE with patch 2.5 (See Install Tool Page!)

12 May 2018

Install tool now uses dedicated textpack

09 May 2018

Install tool improved colour-coding and new mod/component indication.

08 May 2018

Install tool fixpack and textpack links moved to stable locations.

08 May 2018

Bug fixed in SandrahNPC Dynaheir Banters (thanks Ranadiel at SHS report)

06 May 2018

Tamoko mod (aka Sword of Chaos) added compatibility with Unfinished Business component "Sarevok's Remorse", even though the UB component is an unlikely install option as it conflicts with all other Sarevok or Yoshimo mods as well as with Ascension.

06 May 2018

Install tool solved issue with multiple mods treating Watcher's Keep statues.



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