Where is the Drow leader or a very mean undead beasty?

Dark Side of the Sword Coast - Otho's Nephew

I recued Otho's Nephew. And emptied a full wand of cloudkill into the duragars, hey a cheesy battle deserves a cheesy response.

I go down a trapdoor which ends with a maze with no exit.

Isn’t there supposed to a Drow leader or a very very nasty undead beast somewhere? If its the Bone Golem golem, Neera kicked his boney ass.

I’ll be glad when this is finished. The problem with DSotSC is there has never been a decent walkthough done for it. The only one being one by someone who’s English is a second language. I’m grateful for it, but it’s really not clear at all.


  • Go back to the prison area where you met the dwarf. This time go upstairs, like the stairs that lead to Eltan in the original BG1 prison. Stairs in the NW corner of the main room.
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