Transition to SoD

I have a problem: The transistion to SoD doesnt work properly.
It seems, that the Variable "SanEndBG1Plot" has a value of 6
according to the script it should have a value of 2 --- what went wrong ?
Of course if I set the value to 2 via console it works......

thanx in advance!


  • What does this global give you?
  • Anyway, I find nothing that sets "SanEndBG1Plot" global to 6 prior to some event at Boarskyr Bridge much later? It is very strange.
    The global "SanEndBG1Plot" should be at 1 after you finished all of BG1 and are ready to transit. This should trigger some dialogue with Sandrah when you are in the Undercity temple after Sarevok's death.
    Afterwards transition should start (unless some other event from some other mod adds something in between).
  • C:GetGlobal("SWO_Delay","Global") is set to 4 (I checked that too)
    as said, setting this variable to 2 initiates the transition as planned.....
    (or directly setting endofbg1 to 0)
    perhaps my version is a bit (too) old ?
    I have met Mystra on the way back ....
  • Ah, you met Mystra when leaving the temple to go back to the city?

    This may explain it because that episode has long been transferred into SoD but there may be some old code still existing somewhere and it was triggered by some glitch in the temple before you left it...

    (I will look into some old files that maybe I forgot to remove...prior to SoD the Sandrah mod in BGT added an "extra chapter" between Sarevok's death and the transition to Amn - when SoD was released, that content was moved into the new extension.)
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