Ayla rule the EET (my 2020 campaign)

Ok, I'm starting new campaing. I had old one Ammanda's EET playthrough, where I did progress into BG2, but did not play much from there. I stopped playing mostly because of modding reasons.
Or to be more precise, I prepare to start, first I will take some advices and opinions from all of you (be free to chat with me), than I will start. I'm speaking of few days at most.

This time I want something special, and to go till the end (I never played content Sandrah mod brings at end of game). And first time in this game, I will use my own real name (with just one letter change as I like it :P ). This time, I do not want to be someone else, I want to be into game real as I can. More on this later.

Now I have new install with many mods, of course, with much newer versions than my last playthrough. So I expect better expirience.

I will immediately state that I won't be able to play much and progress fast, because I spend most of time for modding specific encounter (later encounters), but I will give my best. I will try to enjoy every moment I can be in game.
But modding is also reason I think I need to put at least some time into play, because I have to know game also.. I have to also play against my own encounters and test them.

I'm not creating this thread only for reason to ask question, seek help if needed, and to state I beat game. It is much more involved into it. I want to share my feelings, emotions, my reasons for choices and acts in game. I don't have to lie myself - I get very emotional about this game. It was always like that, from 20 years ago when I played first time in school (but I was not full time player, I always stopped for years, than play one vanilla game and stop again. Only after I found BWS and Install Tool (EET) I really started to learn to play how it should be). It was always emotional for me, although I suppressed it. Now, with EET and all content I seen, it grow to point I realised.. I want to live for a moment into this game. It is my right to escape real life for a moment and be in world I imagine.

Looking how others are playing, while I spend days and nights in scripts, make me feel little jealous >:) . So, it is fair that I also get at least a few moments into game (I promise I will not disrupt or stop modding).

In this playthrough, I probably won't give much chance (but will at least try them and help them resolve few quests) to mod added NPCs, I will mostly use NPCs I really like, some from vanilla game, some from mods indeed, but notable ones, as Sandrah, Irenicus, Caelar Argent. Also my "old" party for which I really developed some love,, as Minsc, Aerie..
Caelar and Irenicus always impressed me, hands down. It is time we all stand together for moment (and yes, we will face party I work on, "Last Seal guardians", it will be sad moment for me because... but it will be EPIC fight).

I have feeling I'm starting first time. It would never be possible if there is not EET. Few days ago, reading one other forum, I come across one thread, something like "what was your most emotional moments in game". When I asked myself that question, that stunned me and I start to thinking.. it was not just one, there is number of such moments and all are unique and beautiful, or impressive.

The way Caelar Argent approach you first time.. to see Caelar picture wearing sword standing in hell with demons around.. well that is example of impressive.. but what is emotional really? First time when I come to point when we need to go upstairs to Tree of Life, and my friends stated they are with me till the end. After that, although it is game, I asked myself "can I even have such friends?". To stand with Sandrah in top of Elminster house (Roxanne made it cool feeling + boosted with some unique music) and speak with her.. To read what happened with my party after you finish ToB. To fight alongside Drizzt (always impressed me, and I would never imagine in distant past that it will be available). I was also very excited when I read on internet for first time, that SoD will appear. And there is more, but I do not need to write to infinity.. I have to reach these moments in game. And who knows which I will expirience also, which I'm not aware at this moment. I want also to have looooooong chats with Irenicus in ToB.

And now, after 20 years, it is available in best possible way, thanks to EET and Roxanne. Lets say 15 years ago.. would I imagine it would be possible? Before I finish this introductory part, where I try to demonstrate my real feeling for game content (I try my best, buy keyboard is not enough ;) ), I want to state I'm proud to be part of this community, and proud to have chance to give my contribution. And I'm lucky person for one more reason - as I said, I still did not explore full game (I mean, full modded game). When you play and expirience something new, for first time, that is unique moment in time. And chance now stands in front of me. Slowly because of modding, but I'm going this time maximally into game, until end.
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  • Now more about gaming part. Of course, I installed Sandrah mod and I'm going to be with her in party for full time.

    Have no idea about Imoen.. because I still did not decided which class (multi-class) I'm going to use. I try to set some vision of party composition.. but I simply like her so much that I think I can't leave her.

    So, important question also is this, I had read before somewhere, that to have extended content about Imoen-Sandrah in BG1, you have to play her as Mage or Mage/Thief. So I await Roxanne answer here, because I have to decide for Imoen what she will be.

    I will play as Human, I do not care what bonuses other races brings, that is definite. But I have installed component which enables you to play multi-class human.

    As I want to be powerful and play my style (for me, best is strong fighter who are also spellcaster, it is style I know to play best, and also most enjoying for me, protecting yourself, be tactical smarter than enemies, dispelling enemys protections, wrecking helpless Breached mages with melee..).

    After I expirienced EET I started to use triple-class I like it most, so decision comes down to Fighter/Mage/Thief, or Fighter/Mage/Cleric.

    Never really played F/M/C, so maybe it would be cool to give it a chance. But it is hard decision for me. It is not that I have much use from Thief (I do not play Thief style anyway),
    I just need it to deal with every traps and locks.

    I'm tempted for F/M/C, but I will be restricted to Blunt weapons. Maybe it won't be problem in game because in such modded game how have ton of weapon choices, but still..

    Another thing, not have Use Any Item, what you guys think, am I going to miss cool items? Have no idea because I used UAI always.

    Also I'm not sure on which thief in game I can count really. I was even thinking to make 7-th party member as CONTROLLED as Thief, who can follow you into another area, but that would require some work and time which I do not have, and it would have its drawbacks.

    So please, help me make decision.

    One more question for Roxanne - I remember before one forum member mentioned some program which helps you to set proper custom portrait picture, and that you provided him that.
    So if that exist, please let me know. I would use such tool.

    Last thing, I do not wish this thread to be just my reporting thread, and people to feel like they are interrupting my story if they reply and post. On the contrary, I would like
    anyone who want to discuss, chat, etc., to feel fully free to post and chat with me. As I said, I want to share many things about this game, not just fill game progress report.
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  • Just to provide credits where they belong - EET was created by K4thos who was by that time also involved with Beamdog to develop the EE update and SoD. (All I did for EET was testing the prototypes and providing input during the development, but K4thos did all the work.)

    As for "program to set custom portrait", this is not exactly what we did. I provided someone with a mod template which helped him to create a private mod to add his portraits to NPCs he wanted. It was just a simple weidu blueprint where the user could fill in custom content. You can probably just create your own one.
    Just COPY_EXISTING cre-files to override, enter a file name for the small (and large portrait, if required) and provide the matching bmp to override. Nothing magic...
  • I little confused things while writing post, mostly I was refering to Install Tool, as nice installer for EET, thats why I say "EET". I'm of course aware of facts you state.

    Credit for IT, and keeping EET alive, and really careful maintaining it is your credit, hence why I consider you did great thing.

    Ok for program, than I will adjust pictures manually, just as I did for creatures.
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  • To make yourself some "mod-like" helper to update portraits just makes sense if you have your own collection and you want to re-use them on repeated installations, this time you save yourself to do the little tweaks each time again. But with NI, it is sufficient to have the portraits in override and put the references in the cre-file.
  • Of course, for creatures I work on with NI, I have them as AM# files already.

    Maybe you did not understand me, I was not talking about portraits for NPCs now, just for my own custom. I simply can adjust my selfie pic to proper dimensions. Because this time I run special playthrough, as explained in first post.

    Still deciding on class, not sure is Cleric worth for me more that Thief (thief would free me one party slot easily so I can choose NPCs based on other things), because there is just very few spells I would use (opposed to mage spells where I use number of them). And buffing Cleric spells, would already be available via other Clerics in party (as they are all castable on other party members).
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  • I found plenty of thieves in the EET game - Safana, Jen'lig and more in BG1, Safana in SoD, Silver Star in Irenicus Dungeon later replaced by Sime in Brynnlaw and Jen'lig again in ToB.
    Even more clerics are there to make your choices.
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    Ok. Lets go start a game. F/M/C for first time. Just hope thiefs I will have later do not have very weak skills, when I won't have Imoen anymore.

    And I would start Imoen as Mage/Thief, as I know, it works ok to get additional Imoen content as Henning rescue, right?

    Call me a cheater or not, I would give her Swashbuckler kit (adding kit was possible in my previous install anyway). 

    Because, I would count on her for vs. 6 girl party. Mage Protections and dispellings are crucial in that battle, and melee power as well. You need solit thac0 there. With Swashbuckler (equal to fighter thac0), ability to use any weapons, Girdle for some super strenght (assuming she do not grab some weapon whichs grants same), Cloak of Assassin (+3 thac0), some great weapons (it will be plenty of them until that point of game). There is nice helms from BG1 (I keep items from BG1, legal way not cheating, because I have installed components for that). Swash gives ++ for weapons, so it is also minor bonus. She can use gauntles also for better thac0, or damage (there is many of them, one of them provides just +3 damage, but with high APR, it is very good). She will do well.
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  • As I'm going to be all-rounder, lets try this, 15 is not so bad for start. Good thing is, in EET my I recall there is ton of books (and even items) which raise your stats permanetly. So I will end solit strong later.
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    Ok, I finished character creation and my custom picture.

    I just changed my character animation to Thief, of course, as I really do not see myself as armored knight like Caelar. This fits me. I will not wear armor anyway because of spellcasting (there is nice robe in FAI as I recall).

    I also did some modifications to Gift of Mystra. I can't be proficient in swords (but this one is set to be usable for anyone), so to balance it out. Some things are removed, some added. 10% magic resistance, think it is fair, as this is from Mystra right? I will anyway have to search for new weapon.

    If I do not fall to sleep, I'm going to join with Imoen and Sandrah. Core of ultimate party are already creating <3
    For me it is best to play before going to rest. Because when I'm very tired I can't concentrate on complicated scripts, so I will find time for game in such occasions. It is relaxing and require way less concentration.
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  • I ended with an all girl party towards the end of BG1 myself, it was not intended but just happened. There are no interesting romances for female protagonists anyway in BG1. Gavin is nice but boring, and I never play characters who would romance a paladin with his narrow view of good/evil.

    Gift of Mystra is made to fit for any class and have no restriction. Why should you get a gift from a goddess just to find out it is worthless?

    Imoen mage/thief enables later content. (Otherwise you could set a global prior to visiting Nashkel to enforce it, but then so illogical things would happen.)
  • I't not interested now much in romances, but would like big interaction with all NPC.

    However, if I'm not wrong, you can romance Sandrah and Corwin even as female.

    Speking of Corwin, I would like specific opinion from player community - did she acted as traitor, when you see her last time (when you are in cell in Baldurs Gate city)?
    I would say yes. I don't recall much nice words for me. Just something "you surrender, you have to admit". "City is most important". I'm expecting her to free me or something like that (would expect that if Flaming Fists are not around), but she did not even say "sorry", or provided any kind of verbal support.
    I would not expect that from someone who fought with you shoulder to shoulder, let alone someone you maybe romance.
    I do not want to deal with traitors. If FF is more important than me, than begone.

    However, as you have Corwin mod, starting in BG1 (did not try, but I assume interaction with her, maybe, goes in different way in SoD if you are with her all time during BG1 in your mod), I would suggest to maybe change this. Lets say, in case you get into romance with her, she provide different dialoque. I do not need any free attempt, just few support words.

    Same question can be around Rasaad.

    Gift of Mystra have no restriction, but is PROFICIENCYLONGSWORD, right? And I can't put +++ into it. I can only use crushing weapons now. Worth it is indeed, but problem is if I can't put proficiency points into it.

    I already said to Imoen that I want her as Mage/Thief. Still have to complete these little quests in Candlekeep and we are leaving.

    Playing her as M/T, and especially giving her Swashbuckler kit, I think she can do great. You do not lack XP in EET. Both classes will scale great with levels (assuming you give her mentioned kit). So I plan her, most probably, for my reworked encounter, as in my opinion strong M/T combos are best there. And with Swashbuckler kit, you can get her as if she is F/M/T. Girdle (or some combo of Bracers and Helmet) for high strenght. With so many mods there is plenty of weapons and items which offer increased APR. Also there is no reason for her not to dualwield. So I expect much of her.

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  • The Corwin ending in SoD can have different outcomes which depend on how you treated her in SoD but also how your reputation and general behaviour in SoD has been and which answers you gave in the "show"trial towards the end.
    Original SoD provides for different endings of her romance. The Corwin mod does not change that, but it increases the possibilities to get a better ending than the one you describe because you had more time for "good" influence, provided your character is not evil in principle.

    I have no information about Raasad, I never took him in SoD.

    The only NPC that has a changed SoD ending per mod is Safana in case you use the "Safana in Amn" mod.
    If you had her in the SoD party she will not betray you at SoD end and you can meet her again in Amn when you encounter Gaylan for the first time.
  • My reputation was highest possible. We never did anything that lowered reputation, besides maybe accepting Viconia drow in party in BG1. Nor I did anything wrong during game. I decided to fight at Bridgefort. I decided to go with Caelar to avoid fight with crusaders. Maybe I was not nice with her? Can't recall did I had keep her all time in party during SoD. But I rejected her joining me in BG1.

    If I accept her at BG1, be nice all time, ending would be different?
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  • Maybe this helps

    With respect to the Corwin mod
    Check this global is set at 1 when you are in jail
    There is still a possibility that you screw the outcome but that will depend on how you conduct the jail conversation. The chance for the different outcome is increased however.

  • Wait, if you handle all properly before, and have globals leading to end I would like to have, it depends after that on what you exactlu speak with her in jail? If you speak in proper way, there is still chance to get "bad" outcome or you can do it "good" if you know what you do?
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  • Ammanda said:
    Wait, if you handle all properly before, and have globals leading to end I would like to have, it depends after that on what you exactlu speak with her in jail? If you speak in proper way, there is still chance to get "bad" outcome or you can do it "good" if you know what you do?
    Of course. When you have a conversation with choices you can always make a "wrong" choice. Otherwise, why talk at all?

  • Nice, than I will give her a chance from BG1.

    If you did not inform me on this I would not give her a chance as I supposed she always act as traitor.

    Now I work, later we go outside CandleKeep and story begins o:)
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  • Ok, enough scripting for today, lets finally leave CandleKeep.

    Just before I proceed, I did inspect Sandrah items in NI. To set her effects and immunities as you intended, I need few info.
    Looking at amulet, I can see "prevent portrait icon - domination", but nothing else about it. Is she supposed to be immune to Charm and Domination? If does, I will set immunity to effect, and disable strings for charm and dire charm and domination, as well as prevent icons for Charm and Dire Charm. Because all of these (Charm, Dire Charm, Domination, comes under same effect - Charm creature).
    I can also see "immunity to effect - petrification", but it is set to "none". Is she also supposed to be immune to petrification?

    Also, Sandrah Ring of Wisdom (blue one) have effect to add aditional priest spells, but it is set to "none". Let me know if ring is supposted to provide additional spell slots, so I can set it to work, as you intended.
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  • She is neither immune to charm nor to domination. One of her early drawbacks and why she compensates for power is that she can be charmed until you find some item for her to not turn against party. It is dangerous to travel with strong companions that may be turned against you. Life is full of risk.
    The ring to add priest spell is illustration. She actually gets the spells from her kit. No reason to change anything.
  • These are from same opcode. Ok than, I will delete that effect (prevent portrait icon) because she can be dominated than.

    Yes Charm is nasty effect. I have Divine Remix installed, which replace Chaotic Commands with Impregnable Mind.

    Imp. Mind do not protect from effect, but from spells directly, that is how they made spell work. It protects from Domination, but not from Charm. So we will have to be careful and pay attentions which spells and items later can help us.

    Ok than that ring is not so important as it only provides some Lore bonus, so we will find better one sooner or later. Another one ring is indeed very solid for now.

    Chainmail have so many immunities that it would be worth to have in epic encounters :)
    But as I recall, it is later replaced (or is simply added)? by other chainmail.
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  • The chainmail gets an upgrade story wise, i.e. technically it is replaced.

  • MEOW
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  • Finally outside. We buried Gorion and I pick his dagger along with scroll and few other items.
    Set properly levels and few details for both Sandrah and Imoen. Change Imoen look to Thief look, now she is like me but pink. I will next time adjust few more things and get at least to FAI. For now I'm turning off PC, really can't be in front of monitor anymore.

    It is nice to see BG woods again <3
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  • Hmmm actually now I see a body and clearly we did not bury him (we always did before so I did not even notice for a moment). Imoen started dialogue with me about what happened, but I did not go into dialogue to bury him (did check because I had other save while still in CC, with Minsc and Xei Win Toh, so it was my mistake in dialogue).
    I suppose it have no game impact, but if does, let me know.
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  • Whether you bury or not Gorion may trigger different lines in later dialogues but nothing that impacts the game. Just atmospheric.

  • I had check and set all Sandrah equipment in every last detail. Nefred slightly some things, but made her Boots (heels :D ) to provide 200% movement speed bonus (just as Boots of speed). Haste icon on her is not Haste, it is Movement speed increase icon which looks same. She however have Improved Haste casting from ring, which did help us greatly at few little encounters on our way to Friendly Arm Inn.
    Reason for boots is simple, in my EET install you can get pretty quickly more than one Boots of speed (I'm also well aware there is stylish boots of speed in Naskhel city), so I would be forced to give her starndard Boots of speed, and take her nice heels away from her, which seem really unjust :D . By doing this we get both, and it have little impact because during game I get ton of Boots of Speed that I even start selling them. And I like to have all party at about equal speed.

    Adjusted also script to my taste, so I removed all these healings, True Seeing and such in abilities, but preserved only unique abilities.  So her progress while getting kills and XP will be little different, but she will progress of course. Nerfed many things, but added little casting speed increase (it will happen in time, when she progress), which is for my style of play important.

    So, you end up in woods, barely able to keep sword, with nothing but two nice friends. We did search area to kill some bear or wolf, but encountered none, only this group of ugly Goblins in top left corner of map, which Sandrah alone cleared mostly.
    She have better AC + Missile AC Modifier better than me, and can get some hits while I can die very easily, so for now she leads attacks.
    It is not easy at beginning, I will feel much better after I get level up, so far we use all of our little spells which we have to buff and survive, like Bless, DUHM, Armor of Faith.

    Meet Elminster, a harmless old man, and killed pack of bandits and ogre with Girdle of Piercing (which we will not handle to person who request it by quest in FAI, instead we will keep it to later forge super AC girdle combined of Golden Girdle, Girdle of Piercing, and third for, for crushing weapon, can't remember how it is named).

    Finally we get into FAI. I did search to right side of wood to see if there is hidden ring, but it seems it is removed.

    Inside FAI now for first time I see even more new merchants. Nice items and enhanced weapons, but we are very bad with money. So for now we will be completing around quests known to me, getting gold and XP.

    When I had previous playthrough, it happened that I was to late to activate Vault mod quest (thats what you Roxanne told me) because I was late already because I progressed in chapters. If I have to be aware of some content,quests/areas which require some speficic knoweledge how to start/get, please let me know, I would like to explore everything I can. I think I have Vault installed just as before also.
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  • The use of speed boots in a highly modded game is a dangerous thing: many players missed content due to it. New NPCs would appear and try to talk to you (messengers, quest givers...) but cannot catch up with you. Either you never get some quest or you miss some hint and later wonder why.
  • Roxanne said:
    The use of speed boots in a highly modded game is a dangerous thing: many players missed content due to it. New NPCs would appear and try to talk to you (messengers, quest givers...) but cannot catch up with you. Either you never get some quest or you miss some hint and later wonder why.

    I'm aware fully of that, because you already pointed that to me long ago and I had keep it in mind. So, while we are faster, we move step by step. But for combat, I can't imagine it without speed boost (but that is because of my style of play).

    Anyway if any suggestion comes into your mind, for some quest/areas which will later be unavailable, let me know. Fact that I can't put much time into game comes good for that. Also I can't recall for Vault. As I recall you did told me last time that it is already too later because of chapter.
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    It is worth to pass through the overland maps between Nashkel and Beregost as well as the crossroads area south of FAI a couple of times (about once each chapter) instead of travelling just between the main areas. A number of mods add new stuff on a chapter basis. (Stone of Askavar and Dark Horizons main quest start that way.)

    You are probably aware of the start of DSotSC at FAI at a later chapter...

  • Thank you for info! You see, it is very easy not to be aware of such things, and most probably I would travel directly where I wish, instead of way you suggest.

    I think I missed many content before because I had no idea how to start it.

    No sure really. That means Dark Side of the Sword Coast? I'm not sure about it. Maybe I played it, but can't recall by name. If I could see content I would recall did I play it. I know for Northern Tales (and had complete it before). Give me some hint what exactly I have to to in FAI in next chapter to start it?

    Sorry I progress very slowly because I'm in scripts mostly. We now cleared FAI around, and complete quest for ring for +1 reputation, which we will need to get prices down. There is nice weapons, but we not have much money. What we had I invested in Dark Bag of Holding, all other other dark stuff of that kind, along with some spells for me and Imoen.
    There is nice Hammers inside Temple. I hate fact I have to stick with blunt weapons, my nice black thief animation simply asks for swords like katana. But that is price of new expirience.
    Can't wait also to get rid of this stupid armor which makes me looks bad. But I'm still level 1. When I progress in levels, Blur, Mirror Image, Ghost armor, and Stoneskin are way to go. It is perfectly combo of spells for Fighter/Mage.

    Some input on Sandrah. Maybe I switch to older version of alternative portrait (have it on my phone). This one is good, but large one, on the other side, small portrait, IMO, is to zoomed in, so previous version looks really cool to me.
    I set at beginning her Fighter level at level 1 how XP would require, and base Thac0 to 20 (for some reason, she had it at 17, although level 3 fighter should have 18, but ok that is minor things which you can correct, if you decide, in matter of seconds). What I want to say, to me this nerf which I did seems well balanced. She is still strongest regarding everything, and with Improved Haste, there is no need im most cases to risk my level 1 character. She get level up to Level2 Fighter, and for this stage, this is more than enough.

    Only hard encounter around FAI was 2 groups of Hobogoblins (another group on attached picture). They spellcast like crazy. As you can see, Sandrah is sleeping. Imagine, we won this fight in some weird way. As Sandrah fall down, I step in for desperate attempt. Killed maybe one. I expected to reload. Imoen is almost useless now. That I get confused. And as confused, killed all of them (so I was not that crazy when I script Heart Key party to be well aware of confused enemy). Last of them was retreating, so that was good to get me distant from party, not to attack them. LOL.

    However, have to be aware for Sleep spell, have to see all way how to get immunity.
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