Baldur's Extended World

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TRavellers in Faerun


- Mod exclusive for EET-


The mod tries to make EET even more of ONE story.
- it brings some non-joinable NPCs and a foreshadow of their story from BG2/ToB to earlier parts of the game.
- you can influence some later chapter events by decisions you make early (continuity in EET)
- you can go back with items you find later in the game to finish quests in BG1 or SoD
- you get quests for which you need to return to the BG1/SoD areas from later parts

- a randomly appearing peddler can keep items from one part of the game and give them back in a later part, but be careful, random means random...


The mod consists of many smaller encounters, shorter or larger quests, and events/deciions that have lasting effects.


The content of the main component is designed to provide increased continuity while staying out of the main game story.


Component Arkanis Gath's Investigation
This is an optional quest, left to user's inclusion because it impacts the main story (without changing it though). Renal and his guild are alarmed by the time the player reaches Amn. Before you can meet Renal you have to proof yourself to Arkanis Gath. The quest involves a trip back to BG1/SoD areas. After you finished the task, the doors to the guild in the docks are open and all related content is available as normal (or expanded by other mods).
Note - travelling back to BG1/SoD may be used as an exploit to pick up items you may have put into some container in any of the already visited area...


Component The Peddler
Rags 'n' bones, weapons 'n' jul'ry!
The Peddler buys 'n' sells 'em all
This adds a wandering merchant who appears randomly in outdoor areas (no cities) and sells and buys everything, including stolen goods.


The mod is available and fully usable already but still growing with new episodes and features being added. Check the support link above for updates.