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The Sword of Chaos

- Tamoko for EET-

After you defeat Sarevok in the Undercity, you find the Sword of Chaos he was wielding and it is now yours. While you return to the surface to report your success to the Dukes, you are ambushed and the sword is taken from you. Talking to the Dukes in the Palace and reading some scrolls from fallen assassins point to remaining followers of Sarevok lead by some Korlasz.

The Dukes ask you to find and eliminate those villains which is also in your own interest. During this visit to the palace it is in addition decided that Imoen stays with Liia Jannath for some time. It is a promise the Dukes had made to Gorion and Winthrop to advance her education.

Leaving the palace, you meet Tamoko. You get a chance to let her join your party. (Unless you killed her earlier)

Whenever you decide to return to Undercity Temple, the transition to SoD will be done.

Tamoko comes with the stats and equipment of the original character. She is a neutral/evil cleric. Her dialogues will reveal a bit of the inner circle around Sarevok but she does not want to be a victim of her past anymore. Joining you may give her a third chance in her life to turn things around after two tragic failures that lie behind her.
Tamoko will stay with you during SoD until she meets her fate...

- Technically the mod delays the SoD transition after Sarevok's death. Talking to the dukes sets a global and returning to the temple starts the transition.

- Practically nothing in the original scripting of EET was changed except the one extra condition to start the transition (i.e. make a report to the dukes first).

Install order:
If you use any of them, then Sarevok Romance and Unfinished Business install prior Tamoko and SandrahNPC after it. This way they recognise each others presence and provide compatibility of content.