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- NPC mod for BG2EE and EET-


This mod extends an original game NPC who appears as a guide to the protagonist when the party reaches Brynnlaw. The creature design and stats are those of the orininal, she has however some more realistic equipment when she joins you.


Aran assigns a female thief to oversee your save journey to Brynnlaw. But Sime has her own personal reason to get access to the Asylum and see what is going on there. She may join you as soon as you reach the island to accompany your further adventures.


Sime will find her way to Brynnlaw even if you chosoe to ally with Bodhi. Her appearance is also fully compatible with the Alternatives mod.


Sime will save Sanik's life from Lady Galvena's assassin if she is in the party when you meet him. You will be able to rescue Claire and get Sanik's information. (Note - this is compatible with the Save Sanik component from questpack if installed.)


The NPC comes with her own amount of smaller quests around her missing family members and some thief quests. Sime's egg theft is compatible with the Xulaye mod.


Compatibility - Install Sime after Alternatives, Ding0's quest pack and Xulaye so that the mod can recognise their presence and provide for seamless play.


(Note - this mod is not related to the NPC that was part of the Tortured Sould mod for BGT.)