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Sheena a Half Dragon Tale


- NPC mod for BG2EE and EET-


A mod originally written by Red Knight( j_f_kalban).


The enhanced version makes the NPC available for BG2EE and EET.


Sheena is the fruit of a union between a female human and Lord Jierdan Firkraag.
- Sheena's story begins in Firkraag's lair in a prison cell next to Garren's child. She cannot talk as long as Firkraag is alive.
- Sheena is a neutral good half red dragon multiclass fighter / wizard. Her half dragon form is
  hidden most of the time (cities, forests...) to balance the game.
- Sheena's strength and constitution can not be raised by any item (potions and spells do work).
- Sheena is limited to two handed swords, quarterstaffs, halberds and darts (an animation limitation).
- Sheena has banters with other NPCs, numerous interjections and a friendship path available to both male and female PCs.
- Sheena's flirts are available to male PCs of good and neutral alignment.
- Sheena has a small romance path if other romances are not active, you are through with the friendship talks and your
  character is of neutral or good alignment.
- Sheena leaves for good if kicked out from your party.
- Sheena has a half dragon breath ability useable once per day.
- Her ToB content will be expanded over time


This is a complete rework of the original mod to cope with the technical changes of the EE game generation. Spells, scripts, animations and items were redone, however the story remains unchanged. ToB compatibility has been added as well as small initial content for that part.