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Safana in Amn


- NPC mod for the BG2/ToB chapters of EET-


The flirting thief from the Sword Coast is one of the NPCs that have been given a significant overhaul in the Enhanced Edition and she has become an interesting character in the Dragonspear expansion. Sadly the original game gives her a disappointing ending at the end of that campaign.


This mod alters the SoD ending for Safana and lets her continue with the party in Amn and Tethir.


- a continuous NPC for the complete EET game

- a continued romance for a male player

- several smaller quests throughout BG2

- some alternative solutions to a number of game quests that lets the player make use of her talents.

- a possibilty for a player who is not thief to get the MaeVar stronghold with Safana in party

- interjections and banters throughout the game

- the chance to get a talented thief early in Amn, Safana can be found right with Gaelan Bayle

- a new ending to the Coran relationship