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Collaborations with Russian Communities II

Russian Baldur's Gate sites have been active to support users for many years now. They are also responsible for the translation of many mods to the Russian language. By this they make mods available to a large community outside of the English speaking world. Modders yota13 & tipun and friends have started to update a number of abandoned mods for EE/EET games and we have collaborated on those. (Credits for mods for which they have provided the Russian texts can be found in mod setups and are not listed here - they are legion...)


v 14

He is a member of the race of ooze-like shapechangers who venerate Ghaunadaur

New Crossmod added

BGEE + EET version

More updates are under construction at this time.

Tenya Termidor

v 2.0

Umberlant Tenya may become a joinable NPC after you help her

BGEE + EET version

Arcane Treasury

v 15

This mod brings 60 new items to Baldur's Gate series of games, placing them into shops, containers and to inventory of enemies.