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KIM The Pirate


- NPC mod for BG2EE and EET-


A mod originally written by Grenouillebleue of Akadis.


The enhanced version makes the pirate available for BG2EE and EET.

You can find her near Renald Bloodscalp but first need to prove your worth to her.

Incredibly beautiful, deliciously sensual...  and terribly unnerving. Kim makes a detour to Athkathla. Can you tame her?

Kim can have a romance with male humans, elves or half-elves.


The mod contains an own questline that deals with her adventurous past that will not let her in peace. She was a troublemaker then as she is now.


The EE version contains

  • a complete re-coding and bugfixing
  • new portraits and areas
  • revised items for EE
  • better compatibility with other mods
  • a ToB ending for the NPC with different outcomes for romance and non-romance path