Baldur's Extended World

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How to Use the tool for IWD-in-EET


- this is an alpha version of the mod to come, so use with caution and keep the early status in mind.

- the mod requires an extra step in the installation with Install Tool (due to size and manual confirmation required) that is described here:

1. Download the IWD1 mod from the link below

2. Start up the Install Tool

3. Move the IWD1 zip-file into the download folder in the tool's directory

4. Select mods as normal, do not forget to include IWD1 under Big Mods (you get a reminder to also select some helper mods, e.g. an IWD_end - those will download automatically)

5. Further installation is as always with Install Tool


Note1 - this installation method works only for the tool. If you want to do a manual installation, it will also require IWD2 and the extended manual procedure described on page 1 of this topic. (Support for manual attempts is provided by via the link above but not here.)

Note2 - access to IWD1 per default is currently from Ulgoth's Beard inn in chapter 6 or later...earlier access and some crossmod quests are contained in the Sandrah mod if you install that as well.