Baldur's Extended World

                    Roxanne's inofficial ModS, Support and Tools for Baldur's Gate EET

Hidden Allures

These are mods or mod experiments that have been abandoned by their original creator, their maintainers or website hosts. In some cases failed attempts have been made to update the mods but, well, they failed. Anyway, those mods contain ideas or concepts too interesting to be left in the vaults. This is expert stuff and quality is what it was when the creator left the work aside - this is often at very high standard nonetheless.

The current restored versions should be playable in EE and EET games for those who dare to venture. There is no playable "official" version to be found and it is too complex and cumbersome to issue fixpacks to make them work in EE and EET, that is why I opened my local files to those who would like to try them because maybe you have been looking for them a long time already in the new games?


  • Freedom's Reign & Reign of Virtue V9, adds stores and items to SoA game part
  • Boards o' Magick Item Pack V3, and an interesting way to get them in Athkatla
  • Neh'taniel NPC V7, a long dead (or undead) paladin of Amaunator companion
  • NPC Strongholds V13, one of the EE NPCs can get a stronghold as well, works also for EET now. Many bugs are fixed but it still is not perfect, there are hundreds of scenarios to be covered by the mod and undetected issues may be lurking.
  • Nathaniel NPC V5, a gay former Flaming Fist officer now in Amn
  • Unholy Gate Opening Ritual Book V7, dropped by Tolgerias
  • Faren NPC V4, a fighter/thief in Trademeet jail with banters and banters...

Note - All these ressurections may work on classic games as well but this is not tested, technically they contain nothing obvious that could prevent it.

I can only provide support/enhancement for those versions above and for the EE/EET context.

  • Keyring V7, formerly "a mod for the orderly", now adapted for BG2EE and EET
  • TeamBG's Armours and Weapons for EET (Two former mods updated in one)