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- NPC mod for the ToB chapters of BG2EE and EET-


Those who played ToB before will remember her. The female berserker came from the north to join Yaga-Shura but ended enslaved as his concubine. Maybe you had wished to take her into the party and get to know more about her background and the story of the Five.


Give her a chance and she does everything to be on the winning side of the bhaalspawn war - your side. Find her powerful unique weapon in Yaga-Shura's lair and see her take revenge on her capturer.


Ehlastra knows about the Five and she knows Melissan. Her story gets an extra depth if you have the Wheels or Prophecy (or Ascension) mods installed. If you convince Balthazar to ally will you, this will have a deep impact on her and make her reconsider her own goals. Wheels is not required but highly recommended.


-  this mod is not recommended if you play ToB for the first time. Some of her insider knowledge of the Five may be considered spoiler for those completely unprepared.)


- Given her late appearance in the game she has no romance option, however, under certain circumstances she may spent a night with the protagonist.

- She is an evil NPC by original design but she fits into any party. In ToB there is no distinction between good or evil decisions in the main plot that can affect your companions very much - it is more the personal burden of the protagonist how to deal with the heritage of Bhaal. And Ehlastra does care very little about that because whatever you do it will be bloody, dangerous and destructive - and destroy the Five and Melissan.