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Branched eeT Updates Page 1

These are mods that have been abandoned by their original creator. I have updated them for the EE or EET and included fixes of bugs if necessary.

In some cases, additional contents has been added, e.g addition of a ToB part. A detailed description of the update is given for each mod.

Arath NPC (v4.0 or later)


- branched from v2.3
- upgraded to EET
- Areas Tis with PVRZ
- script adaptation
- dialogues fixed
- EET transition to ToB
- Weidu updated

Dace Linton NPC (v3.0 or later)


- Branched off from EE v2
- adapted for EET
- fixed scripts for creature creation
- fixed dialogue errors
- EET ToB Transition fixed
- Weidu version update

Expanded Mage Stronghold


This is a tuned down and balanced extract from the abandoned Planar Sphere mod. It ressurrects the extra stronghold quests from that mod but removes the overpowered items and spells and the excessive XP gain. The final quest (blowing the planes apart, killing half the gods of Faerun and getting 33 level 9 spells and 1mio XP) has been replaced by a more adequate ending.

In addition, the mod no longer overwrites files. It should be compatible with all stronghold mods and tweaks, the additional contents starts after the vanilla tasks for the stronghold are finished.

Edwin Romance (v2.1)


- upgraded to EET
- script fixing
- Tp2 inside mod

Valen NPC (v50 or later)


Makes Valen's assistant a joinable NPC

Originally a Weimer mod for BG2 + ToB, this is a technical adaptation for EE games. It takes the vampire handling after Hexxat's addition to the game into account.

The original content is unchanged while the underlying code was altered to fit for BG2EE and EET.