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Deep gnomes on the Swordcoast

-  for EET-

This mini-mod actually is an extract from a larger mod still not available for (EE)/EET, however well-known to old BGT-adventurers. So, consider this a teaser for the "Aurora's Shoes and Boots" mod. It restores part of the basic Aurora by Bookwyrme.

This teaser just contains Tomthal and Karaea, Aurora's assistants, and a number of items that can be found randomly throughout the game. In addition, you can encounter some other svirfneblin who made it to the surface. And, of course, Aurora the merchant herself.

Svirfneblin or deep gnomes, are a sub-race of gnome. They live underground, usually in the Underdark and closely resemble their surface-dwelling brethren, save for their paler complexions.. Svirfneblin are usually of neutral alignment. In EET you meet some near Ust Natha, the drow city.

This is a quote from the original readme:

"Have you ever wished that Athkatla were a little livelier? Ever wanted to know just what Lord and Lady Ophal got up to in their spare time? Wished that the shopkeepers had more than two lines apiece? Had lives of their own?

Ever wished you could buy some Boots of Speed looked a bit more, well, dashing? Thought about buying Imoen some pink boots of stealth? (Note - this was not really added to the mod by the author later on) Wanted to use the Stinking Cloud that must form around your travelers for some truly *useful* purpose?

Aurora's Shoe Shop introduces more than a dozen new pairs of boots that are both useful and stylish. In addition, Aurora herself is there to add a bit of spice to Athkatlan life. She'll chat with you about nobles and commoners alike, providing exciting (if not always accurate) information about their daily lives."