Baldur's Extended World

                    Roxanne's ModS, Support and Tools for Baldur's Gate EET


The mods in this section are often referred to as the Big Mods. They are mostly older mods from a phase where not many other mods yet existed and they often contain a large story but also many new items, monsters, tweaks and spells. They have not always aged well and when EET was released, this was a big chance to not only just convert them (not easy with the load of code they contain) but also to *modernize* and tune them.

In the EET context, the goal has been to preserve the old mods story and content while trying to remove outdated design, overpowered items and encounters etc. They are supposed to be added experience to the large EET world without blowing it apart. In combination with EET_Tweaks their experience gain can be adjusted, so that you can enjoy them without overloading and overpowereing your party.


I have helped with a large number of these mods, e.g. Northern Tales of the Sword Coast or TDD >>>TDDz, but listed here are only those where I provide active support for the current versions used in EE/EET.

Region of Terror




Collaboration with Ikki and weigo, no link here as this was done via PM and working on github files

Check the Bodies

v 2.2



including Candlekeep Chores and Fast Forward



Secret of Bone Hill

v 10

EET only version


The Vault


EET only version


worked on by K4thos then Ikki,

I integrated their patches, fixed the bugs and packaged it for direct mod installation