Baldur's Extended World

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Part 1 SoD Alternative (BGEE/SoD and EET)

Many players have felt that the protagonist is denied the valid option during the negotiations with Caelar to decide in favor of her offers to join efforts against Avernus.
This mod allows the player to overrule the coalition leaders and make an own decision about joining Caelar. The prerequisite is that the player knows enough about the betrayal planned by her advisor and/or tries to avoid the bloody battle over Dragonspear Castle.
The option for decision appears in the negotiation at Dead Man's Pass, provided the player has left way for such a decision by previous dialogues and actions.
The more information the protagonist has gained during the game about Caelar and those near her, the more options are available while at her side.
The Shining Lady will not become join-able during SoD and her fate when leaving Avernus remains as in the original game. The remaining plot in SoD is not affected, only during the trial you get an option to use your decision as additional argument.
Do NOT use this mod when playing SoD for the first time. It bypasses the semi-cinematic battles at coalition camp and breaking into Dragonspear Castle. The crusaders retreat peacefully and the Castle is in the hands of the Flaming Fist after you return from Avernus.

Part 2 Caelar's Rescue (EET)

This addition (for EET only) will allow you to finally release the Shining Lady from Avernus. The extension starts in ToB when you meet Aun Argent in Saradush. Your Bhaal plane portal allows you to access other parts of Hell and by this provides a means to rescue Caelar and let her join your party.
This way all your former opponents from the various campaigns (Sarevok, Caelar and Irenicus) may be added to your final party.
Instead of seeking redemption as a fallen paladin, Caelar will try to become the champion of a rising new god, although her idea about your role differs quite a bit from Sarevok's view...

Caelar has a quest concerning the souls lost in Avernus which includes the party's return to Dragonspear and various SoD areas.