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Branched eeT Updates Page 3

These are mods that have been abandoned by their original creator. I have updated them for the EE or EET and included fixes of bugs if necessary.

In some cases, additional contents has been added, e.g addition of a ToB part. A detailed description of the update is given for each mod.

Tiax NPC (v4.1 or later)


- branched from v4.0
- upgraded to EET

The gnome thief/cleric priest of Cyric, Tiax from BG1, is a priest of Cyric with a sole intention "Tiax rules all!". He appears n Spellhold, right after Irenicus leaves it.

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Xulaye NPC (v2.0 or later)


- branched off v 1.2.1
- upgraded to EET
- areas adapted to PVRZ
- tra corrections
- script corrections
- Weidu version updated
- portrait upgrade
- options included into main
- removed leftovers from package

Expanded Thief Stronghold (v2.21)


- All fixes from BWFixpack for the mod
- Updated portraits
- An option to select the improved Mae'Var component directly during install
- An option to make the stronghold available for any PC.
(Note - the two options existed in the mod but where not selectable in the install - you had to extract and overwrite files instead, I adjusted this to up-to-date practice as optional components.)

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