Baldur's Extended World

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The Big Mods Restauration

The old big mods from the pre-weidu era were created as game conversions where only a single mod could be installed per game. Therefore they contain rules, tweaks, spells, even GUI changes along with the actual quests and stories. Most of these concepts are no longer valid in the EE games but produce overhead, bugs and problems with maintaining the mods. These re-wired new versions concentrate on the actually playable content of these mods to allow new players to experience those nostalgic works.

These mods require the worldmap mod because they add areas outside the standard map's boundaries.

Region of Terror (V5)


Originally by Gilgamesh (Pekka Syrjänen)

Another Drizzt Adventure during SoA. In EET this is compatible with Drizzt Saga during BG1.

Apart from the epic main quest the mod adds five large towns with many smaller adventures to the game.


Requires worldmap mod



Fishing For Trouble (v3.2.5)


Originally by Yovaneth

Elminster invites the bhaalspawn to investigate strange occurances in a village in Amn. The quest line leads all across Amn and involves old and new areas.



Requires worldmap mod

Shadows Over Soubar (V3)


Originally by Charles Bisson.

Adds a complete new town with its problems. A second questline adds new areas and content to Athkatla. The large quests are augmented by a number of smaller adventures and sidelines.


Requires worldmap mod

The Darkest Day (TDDz)


This mod adds 5 independent large quests to the game.

The quests may be installed as selectable components.

Each quest adds new locations, items and enemies to the game.


Requires TDD v1.14


Requires worldmap mod