Baldur's Extended World

                    Roxanne's inofficial ModS, Support and Tools for Baldur's Gate EET


The famous Baldur's Gate Series RPG has been a companion through the last 20 years - since I first inserted a game CD into my old 30 pound heavy laptop.


I played the classic CD version until the discs fell apart. I discovered the world of mods and somehow never left it. I started to repair little bugs and made myself some tweaks for my BGT games, just to find myself being a modder all of a sudden.

My projects kept growing and the old game engine reached its limits. They were making an *Enhanced Edition* I heard, but that was not for me, it did not have the BGT and all its mods.

Then Enhanced Edition Trilogy (EET) was rumoured about and I became interested. From the very first test it had me hooked...

The results are visible here and it is what I share with you.