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  • Yet again, thank you.  You have been incredibly helpful.
  • That is correct, regular walking movement, no MoveToArea
  • You were right, setting the value to 6 advances the story.  Thank you
  • So my setting for BcOneSpyDown is set to 5
  • I tried to report to the Major but no dialogue of any kind occurs.  Do not recall encountering another bandit attack since that altercation with Miller and Rolf. this is odd, please see screen shot
  • It was Miller Shadows Over Soubar: v3.01
  • I hope someone is able to help me with this mod, I am stuck on the spy part, I found the spy, fought him and Rolf and then they dimensioned door the hell out of there but no one will talk to me to advance the story.   Not sure what I am supposed to …
  • As an example, in the screen shot I posted, there is a mention in the dialogue/ information window about Journal has been updated: Bandits on Bald hill but I have no entries anywhere for that in the Journal. Id o have the entry for Gorions Dagger an…
  • Pretty sure I am all good, I did not launch my new game from the BG2EE install, I launched it from the SOD install. I started a new game from the BG2EE and I indeed get the Mystra from the watcher and do have Sandrah in my party.
  • I don't recall getting that, i think it opened to what looked like just a BGEE screen, but There is indeed a lot of stuff in the WeiDu log and I do have Sandrah in the party. I do have a quick question about the Sandrah saga and Imoen, should I pos…
  • This was apparently my issue You start EET games (even when you start at Candlekeep) with baldur.exe in BG2EE! In the BG2EE folder there was a Baldur.exe, I launched that that and started a new game and have Sandrah in the party.  Ii didn't get a …
  • WOW, that was a hug e help.  But, after doing all of that when I start a new game I do not get any dialog that involves the gift of Mystra as part of the initial game but I do not get anything about that.  Any clue as to what I may have done wrong? 
  • Thank you for that, I will create a request on their forum.  Thank you for your time and assistance.  I truly appreciate it and hope that I can acquire that version so I can get those 2 mods installed and your Sandrah saga.  Thank you again.
  • I am not seeing that version from Beamdog, unless I buy the Collectors box.  Are you aware of a different one that I may be overlooking?
  • Well that is a partial bummer, with BeamDog you can only download via their client - the screenshot i shared - and each one downloads individually.  They are linked inthe sense that when one game is finished it automatically moves you into the next …
  • Yes it is, thank you.  What do you mean bu unprotected copies?  DO i only need BGEE and SOD, Shodows of AMN and Throne are not required?  
  • All three games are installed.  With Beamdog each game is installed separately.  I am not familiar with the BGEE-part of EET, is that completely different from the normal install?  All three games were uninstalled and then reinstalled to have 3 clea…
  • I went ahead and told the setup tool to continue, not install the mods it had issues with.  I am now trying to resolve or install the MODs that failed one at a time manually.  So far I have been able to resolve most of them but I am still having iss…
  • BGEE is already installed, I am using the EE MOD Setup Tool to install the chosen MODs. Does that answer your question?
  • I have uninstalled the game, installed a clean game, downloaded a new EET Sewtup tool, followed the direction and created a game and saved it and exited.  Ran the setup tool again, resolved conflicts it showed, the setup tool  still has a problem wi…
  • Odd what you mention about the DSotSC MOD, it was an option in the setup tool
  • pretty sure that I have the correct installation location selected.  I will uninstall the game, install again and run eet tool again.   
  • I do remember getting warnings when selecting MODs in the setup tool, but the warnings had no information.  Just a list of mods.  I reran the tool and have a screen shot of that
  • I didn't install anything manually.  I performed a clean install of all three games, then ran the EE MOD set nup tool.  What do you see that leads you to think that? Should I uninstall the game, reinstall and then run the EE MOD utility again?
  • I looked at the weidu.log file and I do that there are errors, but I am not sure how to address them.  Not sure if it matters but this is for BG##, not BG2EE.  I will include the log file
  • Not sure what you mean by a protected game directory, I have my games installed on the C; in a folder named Beamdog bgee installs, they are not in the applications directory.  It is in that directory that a fresh install was made and then I used the…