Noob question: mods can't be downloaded....

During install, I got a message that certain mods: Tales of Deep Gardens, Check the Bodies of Elves and Artefacts, Balduran's Sea Tower, Romantic Encounters, Imnervale Invasion couldn't be downloaded, yet I was able to personally manually download them.

Is there a way to manually have EE Mod Setup Tool recognize these manually downloaded zips and use them? 

Thank you!



  • There are two ways
    - either put those downloads (zip or rar archives) into the same download folder with the other mod downloads
    - or when the tool asks you about the mod use (p)rovide and next step (s)elect which will open a file manager window where you can point to the download. In some cases it may tell you about mismatch file size and you just (f)orce the use.
  • Thank you, Roxanne.

    In what folder does the master file need to be located for the app to recognize it? And what should the naming convention be for the zip to ensure it recognizes it? 
  • If you have a file called without a mod reference e.g. modxxxx-master,zip, then this was a github error. You may open the zip to see which mod is actually inside and best download it anew. This is a random github issue that I can do nothing about.

  • Thanks, @Roxanne - I'll try this out. Appreciate your guidance!
  • In my experience I got lots of this github errors during my installation during these years. After the download phase the installer requests everytime from multiple mods from github. Mods from other sources are not a problem cause they don’t lose their names. I recently have a conversation here in this forum with Roxanne and she gives me good guidance to find out what’s going on.
    Here’s some thoughts:
    - Retry with another installation after the download phase I could have a different list of mods missing so it’s not always the same. Could be more or less, anyway I pretty much always have some of them. You could try again and again until you get lucky enough to get a lucky download streak and avoid the issue but it’s really random;
    - Trying to provide them not work, for me at least. Even if I provide all of them correctly at the end the program still says that the mods (only the ones missing from github, the ones it searched as are missing and to continue without them or exit so it's a no-no again;
    - After the download phase it’s possible to use “r” to retry to proceed with all the right mods in place. I found a way to make it work, it’s a bit long to discuss here and it makes little sense to explain all the procedure because it won’t work if there’s even a single mod which is not available (error 404, could happen sometimes even with manual download) or if a downloaded mod is not of the right size so you need to force it with “p” provide which gets us the problem I explained above.
    So to make this work as flawless as possible my solution is this:
    1) Start a new installation (if you use a custom mod list like me export it for convenience) and get to the point where you download the mods and have the list of missing ones;
    2) Manually download all of them, put them in the “EE Mod Downloads” folder of your “EE-Mod_Setup-master” folder or whatever name you give it;
    3) While you’re in the folder search for a file called, open it to see the name of the mod and rename the zip as well. So for example if in my there’s “AjocMod-master” folder rename “” in “”;
    4) Now that all downloads are in order I prefer to extract the ee/eet mod install tool again to start from scratch and copy there my previous “EE Mod Downloads” folder;
    5) Set the installer as before and after the download phase this time there shouldn’t be any problem with mods from github. Could be there some mods from dropbox or other sources to provide/force but I guess you know what to do at this point and no problem after providing them. I tried this procedure only 3 times (which is not much, but better than just 1 try) so it’s not set in stone that it works for everyone but I hope it can help someone who has a hard time with this pesky issue.
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