I want to make new quests with WeiDU but I don't know how.



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    I am not sure what your last two bullets mean (Aquatic Temple and Restless Dead) - it sounds like this is something for/from another project?.

    - The blue round ornamental room is already used by another mod.

    - The beholder lair may not be the final dungeon? The senile elder brain may be in the NW round room or there may be an entrance there to a smaller mind flayer specific area?
    - the island map looks fantastic, it may be used for the black dragon "happy ending" with the cave being her new home. The boat belongs to the fisherman from Sea Tower who takes the party back after the quest.

    Otherwise I feel pretty reluctant to use other people's work here (I erroneously thought those were your maps). I cannot imagine the creators would lend me those maps.
  • Perhaps the BS0103 map can be used for the base of the cave extension (mushrooms do like rotting fowl areas akin to a Black Dragon). Although I would need to make the entrance bigger perhaps; hmmn. Also if Cuv finds the original sea can I can just make the first sea cave bigger at the top left (with some editing):-P.

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    @Roxanne I need to go to bed but first! Mind Flayer Consolidated dungeon first draft W.I.P. 001; Ta-da! (Lots of crunching today 8'P)

    It still has exits that lead to no where and they need to be closed off; but a good start. Throw some doppelgangers in at the start; maybe lock the man south area with a key that is found in the north west section and throw some Mind Flayers in the locked south east area section and have some Beholder Lair 'ooze' spill out at an area exit to the Beholder Lair and it should be done.

    The forum thread with Galactygon's map is posted within the Sea Tower of Balduran forum section. The thread is posted by Galactygon "Areas looking for a home" so that is what I am up to :-P.

    Also its all cool @Roxanne; actually the team wants more progress on the project but they have no time so they are happy with more progress:-). Everything I have used so far is from the team / thread for the Sea Tower of Balduran or it was pulled and edited by myself from one of the Enhanced Editions. There are more maps that I am not using for they do not have consent from the creator to use here :-P.

    The island map does not need to be in the module; right now. It can be added in later for it has a unique dungeon entrance on it. The dragon wants to raise the wyrmlings in a stanky swamp anyway; 'tis the way of Black Dragons:-P. Perhaps it can be related to the (not right now) vampire part / the cut mage house and big tree map (Plate of Balduran / Long Sword of Balduran vampire thief; Shield of Balduran in the castle still?) Either way its all up in the air and on the back burner to incubate;-P. (C'mon that is a killer pun X-D)

    This is worrying myself about content bloat and I need to bang out the pieces we do have and polish them up to be really nice pieces of content to enjoy :-).

    Although I really should add an elder brain chamber (near the left big room) in the Mind Flayer Lair. I can also find a unique art solution to the boss room for the Aquatic temple.

    The 'aquatic temple dungeon' is a part of the original sea cave plan from the original team (like the Plot with summoning an avatar of ~Umberlee with the ~fish people monsters). Yet the content creators time ran out and Cuv went to work with Beamdog for the Enhanced Editions.

    Also there is a plot to resolve what happned to Balduran and one idea was he was trapped in the elemental plane of water something something fish-people something something summon Umberlee Avatar ??? Profit X-P. But that is really best to be left with the amazing island and the vamp...

    What if Balduran turned into a vampire something something prevent lycanthropy and took his stuff back... To the island!?! Maybe a portal with the mage house and the big tree? HMMMN. NO! Must.. not... feature... creeeeeeeeppp ahhh X.x!

    I need to focus haha X-P. Anyway enjoy the maps:-P.

    Also the Tomb of the Restless Dead is the Catacombs areas of YS0117.ARE and YS0119.ARE. The in the big file of the Sea Tower of Balduran (that I uploaded to mega.nz) has a zip file called 'Version 1.3.5' and it has all of the pieces for the updated Tomb of the Restless Dead; it just didn't get made into a WeiDu format yet.
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    @Roxanne I have extended the Beholder Lair to include a Mind Flayer Brine Pool and a (senile) Elder Brain inner chamber :-P.
    There could be extra room(s) added in the middle perhaps (optional).
  • WOW - amazing.

    I would not add more and just leave that space unused. Otherwise developers and players might get lost in too much side-action. This is already a great playground for the final act.

    By the way, finding this area and digging into this secret is already optional content for those not satisfied with the doppelganger plot in which you freed Duke Liia and found out about Winski. (You find a key to a looked door in the Sea Tower area and behind it is THIS). However, players may decide to report back to Scar already before that.
    The justification to make it optional is that it provides more freedom in making this challenging and maybe even a bit unbalanced (We are still in BG1 chapter 6 and for many Sarevok's defeat is expected to be the boss fight.)

    I have done almost all other areas and I am starting to populate them with actors and plot actions (still with room for extras around the main plot).
    The only entrance that still leads to nowhere is the one planned for the dragon area(s). I have not found a candidate for it. I am thinking more of the style of the SoD caves and water areas than the SoA dragon areas - based on your research about brown dragons.
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    @Roxanne Ah yeah I am happy that you like the new area art (I like it too) :-). The whole chunk of content is optional; demanding players into content is not freedom of choice.

    Although perhaps the doppelganger plot and the loose plot thread with the Bhaal Temple in SoD can be built upon to lead the player towards the new content yet ultimately the player has the choice for these loose plot threads to be resolved.

    I prefer where one can freely roam and find their adventure in Baldur's Gate. I find it is more fun when the player by their own free will seeks out the challenge and fulfill their spirit of adventure! :-P.

    Yeah I agree with you on the caves. The the Siege of Dragonspear cavern areas I am big fan of, there are some BGII areas which are 'alright' but SoD really does a good job with the theming.

    The extended cave area that leads to the black dragon lair should be as you described: 'more of the style of the SoD caves and water areas than the SoA dragon areas'.

    I will have gander at the SoD areas and caves (I have a stock pile of caves ripped from the EE games so that should help as well; unique and impactful).

    The 'Aquatic Temple Dungeon' is going to be the most stitched together for there are a few aquatic areas in the EE games. It is probably best to do that one after the black dragon caves.

    I am not the best at actually filling out out the area 'structure'. Such as the WED, polygons, doors, regions, containers and doing the height and light levels, the sounds etc. (the structure of an area). I know how to make a new area yet I have spent more time having fun making the art though:-P.

    What encounters should be in the extra cave that shoots off from the main sea cave hub? Beetles and Mushroom people? You are pretty creative so perhaps you can have the fun deciding that (spread the ideas around) X-P.
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    @Roxanne A new area made mostly from an area edit. I flipped the older area art, painted Baldur's Gate style walls, cropped down image from the earlier dungeon version. I also trimmed some edges and the door outflow off for the new area for The Tomb of the Restless Dead Level Two.

    The area is designed to include a Lich encounter in the sarcophagus on the left unlocked from a key located around the 'skull pile pool' on the right. Also other undead baddies as well. Shades, ghost, specters?

    Any thoughts so far? Also I need to make a hidden door after the Tomb of the Restless Dead Level One inner chamber sarcophagus wall.
  • Maybe some clarification is needed here.

    The project is about a NEW mod that brings the Sea Tower mentioned to exist in the Baldur's Gate Harbour into the game (BGEE/SoD and EET).

    This includes some quests that are directly related to the main vanilla story
    - extended search for Balduran's sea charts
    - find out for Scar/Eltan where all the doppelgangers come from (give some of Sarevok's followers, e.g. Winski Perorate some more content).

    That rough frame is extended by some possible side quests
    - help or fight a brown dragon stranded below the Sea Tower in a cave
    - find some hints to the possible involvement of mind flayers in the plot.

    Fleshing it out, the Sea Tower area has temples of Helm and Selune and a blacksmith (buys/sells better weapons and can forge an item from the dragon's scales).
    The library in the tower contains some real and replicated artefacts concerning Balduran.

    This is NOT reviving some (probably) abandoned former mod attempt at a sea tower mod, although - by nature - there is some overlap, e.g. there are only limited logical options as to where the tower is or how you can access it. Also, there is a rough lore description that sets some limits of how it looks and what it was (even if it open to fantasy what may lurk below...).

    I know nothing about 'Aquatic Temple Dungeon' which may have been an idea for the other mod. Anyway, if this is your own development you did in that context but now seek for a new place to put it, there are options to do it at some stage. (Currently it is not in scope.) The fisherman who has the hints about the dragon may of course offer travel options to that island from one of your maps - there are cave entrances there. All of that sounds like potential for an extension once the main plot is done.

    PS - the SoD Bhaal temple content is AFTER Sea Tower plot - you find those hints only after Sarevok's death in Korlasz' dungeon.

  • Hello

    Just a question.
    How to install Gorion's Dream without doing once again a full re-install?  (Should it be possible anyway)
  • Maravenore said:

    Just a question.
    How to install Gorion's Dream without doing once again a full re-install?  (Should it be possible anyway)
    You should be able to install it on BGEE or EET without any problem. It is completely independent of the "real" game. Just go to sleep (at any time after you came out of the Candlekeep Catacombs). Keep in mind however that in the normal flow of the game the event would happen at the first rest after that chapter change and in a late installation just happens, unless you are still prior to that event.
    Technically there is no issue with late installation.
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    Hmmn, maybe we should freeze the aquatic temple / umberlee bit; I am not too gung-ho about it to be honest. It is a lot of work and it can be thought of later with the island and Balduran quest; both are aquatic related (the broken temple wall can have a 'door' tile over it to close it off to tee it off for any future considerations / extension. The Bhaal Temple bit would just be like a reference /foreshadowing or something for the Doppelganger plot; nothing like going to the area or anything drastic; just like dialog hints would make sense I suppose.

    So fish people can be salvaged I suppose in the regular caves as regular encounters to make the content for interesting; beetles, mushroom people, fish people in the sea cave area I suppose? I should follow your idea for the theme of the cave extension area of 'more of the style of the SoD caves and water areas than the SoA dragon areas'. Please feel free to add any ideas if you want to:-P.

    The whole Balduran's Sea Tower older project has a lot of random bits that just are not worth polishing (in my opinion); like that drug-trip-esk mage quest for example and the whole reason I like working on the content is to extend Baldur's Gate. The dream was interesting and I was worried for it to be cut so I got that off the table.

    Hey @Roxanne I made https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/71447/baldurs-gate-arms-and-armour-emporium (nearly done) to replace the forge in the Sea Tower and I already have a fully functioning prototype where all the forging works and the areas work, yet it just needs a thick coat of polish (because I want to to be very nice when it is released).

    So perhaps instead of making the aquatic dungeon (save it for later with the island perhaps) I can add the Arms and Armour Emporium to the content. The city of Baldur's Gate would then have a logical forge / master smithy to a city that oddly lacks one in the base game.

    The forge is just lacking a complete forge recipe list and and it has some polygon work to be finished but the areas, forging mechanics, npc, containers, boundaries, lighting, sounds and I even got a voice actor for the smithy based on: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGca03sbLq7OUnXMdvRHyBQ (it is basically 80% done).

    What I want to do is polish up the Doppelganger / Mind Flayer dungeon level one. The area needs a bunch of refined editing work to make the area have the correct amounts of exits and some door tiles for a key. Perhaps there can be the first half (north / center) with doppelgangers and the second half (south key locked area) can be where the Mind Flayers start (with some more greater doppelgangers sprinkled in as a transition)?

    Then finish the sea cave extension area that leads into the black dragon cave. I also have a few art asset candidates to morph together to create the the Black Dragon Lair.

    I feel that is best to use your idea of having a separate iteration of the Sea Tower of Balduran for what yourself and I get up to is actually a bit different than what was going on in the later bit of the Sea Tower of Balduran module over at Spell Holder Studios. I got permission to make new content and I suppose it is best to be free to do what we want to do the most. It is better to be able to create what ever you want verses being stuck to older ideas that may not be useful anymore; creative freedom:-D!

    So to do (for areas):

    Polish Doppelganger / Mind Flayer TIS
    Sea Cave Extension TIS
    Black Dragon Lair TIS
    Polish Arms and Armour Emporium and get it ready for release.
    Make sure all areas have proper AREA files and all of the work involved in area creation.
    Create / populate the areas with the counters.

    Cut the Mage-Drug-Trip Quest
    Freeze Aquatic Dungeon, Dungeon Island, and Balduran / Vampire plot.
  • There is no reason why the Arms and Armour Emporium could not become part of the mod.

    The idea is still to add to the main story rather than to add some exotic place full of adventures for adventuring's sake. This is why I made up the two plots about the sea charts and Scar's investigation for doppelgangers. It gives an in-game reason to go there.

    Then while following these quests you find other issues. I now have a fisherman that reports about the brown dragon and there is some unused entry to a part of the lower regions that can be extended >>>leads to dragon area.
    The mind flayer thing is an extension of the Scar quest.

    Mod components
    1- Balduran's Sea Tower Quests (Main Component)
    2- Mind Flayers in Baldur's Gate (option, requires main component)
    3- Arms and Armour Emporium (option, if not installed, the tower smith can forge something basic from the dragon scales, the emporium may do a better job for a higher price)
    4- Ghost Knights at Ulcaster (option...we have it so why not add it)
    5- Hull's Sword extension (option...we have it so why not add it)
    6- XXXXX (other extensions that may be accessible from 1 or 2

    Still, keep in mind how long we want to take the players out of the main plot. Chapter 6 has a lot of content from other mods already and is often the time to do Durlag's Tower as well. E.g. when you got the sea charts from the Sea Tower you may want to go and do Werewold island with them in between.
    On the other hand, the player is not yet under too much pressure to chase Sarevok and may take a lot of time to investigate and grow abilities.
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    @Roxanne If you want you can add the Extra Expanded Enhanced Encounters Module to this list, as it is done; yet it could use another coat of polish (minor details like BAM updates and some coding / script things that I did crudely at the time last year; it still works :-P). Yet as it is the module adds value to the over all expansion package to extend Baldur's Gate. https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/73749/extra-expanded-enhanced-encounters-module-download

    Oh yeah the plot is a good piece of content; it is very important and gives a social structure to give perspective and a 'hunt' to pursue. I want the the plot to be entangled into the areas. The plot gives a natural lead up to the areas; instead of blindly stumbling into them with no narrative build up or expectation X-P.

    I was going for a more broader scope with my previous point about free will. Such as how the player chooses to advance the plot and the plot takes them into new areas and the player keeps playing because it if fun:-D. That kind of free will of choice; to pursue a good plot :-P.

    Yeah that is a good point Roxanne about the smith and the black dragon scales. The smith in the base main Sea Tower module could smith up a +1 variant of Dragonscale Armour and then if the Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour module is also installed the player could craft the dragon scale armour there as well and keep upgrading it there is they wished :-).

    I really wanted to get the Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour module polished and done so that it gives a 'hub' to go out and adventure and improve the treasure to take on more advanced adventures. Although I was in ab it of a bind with having no 'justification; to make better items without having tough encounters. Thus the work on more encounters X-P.

    I should start work on the sea cave extension area TIS and the black dragon lair TIS and finished polishing the Doppelganger / Mind Flayer dungeon level one. Also what should be done with filling out the area mechanics / areas files beyond the TIS (make them into playable areas). Should I handle all of the new areas?:
    - Tomb of the Restless Dead Level Two
    - Mind Flayer (Doppelganger) Dungeon Level One
    - Mind Flayer (Beholder) Dungeon Level Two
    - Sea Cave Extended Area
    - Black Dragon Lair
    Or do you have fun working on areas :-P?
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     What I have so far for component 1)

    - The main area (STO100) is accessible by a transition from SW Baldur's Gate (AR1200/BG1200) near the existing Umberlee temple.
    - You come to the Sea Tower gate and are told you need a special pass to enter (the one you get either from Captain Kieres in the Sea Charts quest from the original game or from Scar after you did his standard quests and agreed to investigate further on the doppelganger issues.).
    - If you do not have a pass and turn to leave the gate, a smuggler makes you a dubious offer to show you a secret entrance. If you agree he takes you to a secret back entrance that leads to the Seacave hub (STO104). In this case the cave serves as a dead end and a trap, a large force of Sarevoks minions may stop you. Either way, the guard is also alerted and turns hostile. You failed the quest but may have gained experience.
    - If you have a pass, you can enter Sea Tower and have access to the
    Smith (STO108) (the one you provided, enhanced to forge something from the dragon scales).
    Helm Temple (STO105) where you get hints about the secret nightly activities and temple services.
    Selune Temple (STO107) that offers temple services (nothing else at the moment). Barracks (STO106) just guards on rest.
    Library (STO101) - this is a kind of museum for Balduran and one of the exhibits are the sea charts. There is a plot of how you can get the charts for Mendas that plays out here, I will not spoil it.
    Library basement (STO102) - here you find a mage who holds up a magic seal. You can persuade him to make him depart his post and give you access this way but only if you have accepted the Scar quest.
    The corridor area (STO103) is the regular way to the Seacave hub and you meet a doppelganger Scar and some others of his kin before you come to the aforementioned cave
    If you enter Seacave by this route, there are some myconids only and you can use the back entrance (where the smuggler leads you) to find a fisherman on the shore. The fisher provides the details about the skull dragon.
    The other exit from the Seacave leads to the Winski/doppelganger tract (STO201). In the first area you run into Bill who asks for your invitations but he is a doppelganger. After you defeated him and a number of other monsters, you get access to stairs up and down.
    Down (STO204 and maybe more...) lead to the dragon - NOT YET DEVELOPED
    Up (STO202 + STO203) lead to the areas where you find the doppelgangers training on the victims they are supposed to replace - here you rescue Duke Liia who is still real. Further on you find Winski (who escapes - he is still needed in the main plot) and a mind flayer. Some papers, hints and a key. The key is for a locked door in the main area that will lead to the mind flayer plot area(s) (STO110 and maybe more - NOT YET DEVELOPED).
    At that point the player can decide to report back to Scar and that advances the main plot where you now meet Duke Eltan etc..) Other options would be to follow the dragon quest or to use the mind flayer key.

    Except where indicated, all of this is developed (areas, creatures, dialogues, scripts) + the transitions to the yet missing areas are in place already.

    I am just now testing it in BGEE and later will do a regression in EET.

    This is still core plot with little frills (e.g. I still need to add some lines for Liia during the coronation ceremony where she would recognise the player as the one who rescued her). I may add additional touches here and there.

    Also I will add a Global for the mod that tells whether the Emporium is installed or not. If it is set, some dialogues will be extended, e.g. the smith will tell you that the Emporium can do better things with the dragon scales than he can ... the quest to get the scroll needed for the dragon rescue will be extended to include the Emporium (they can create it from some ingredients you need to provide in a sub-quest).

    Hopefully tomorrow I can provide a playable version of the initial stuff so that you can test it for yourself.
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    @Roxanne Here is the start of the Black Dragon Lair W.I.P. 001 (The Green Pool is acid for her clutch of eggs; a small yet important world detail).

    Ah yeah that is all very good :-D! One quirk about custom spells, use the Sorcerous Sundies in the Baldur's Gate for Halbazzer Drin can create custom spells by lore and in 'source material' he actually got rich selling a spell he made that permanently gets rid of mildew and dampness; Baldur's Gate is very damp X-D. So if anyone in the city is crafting a difficult spell scroll it would be Halbazzer Drin; also it is simpler to implement for he is in the base game :-P.

    The plot sounds very good:-). I can add in a mind flayer-esk torturer chamber on the level one behind the locked door section of the level one area of the Mind Flayer Dungeon. I need to do a lot of editing still and the stairs and extra doors I was going to cut. Although if you really want them I can keep them but it would probably be best to have one area exit to the next level of the dungeon. It would be foreboding to have the area transition into the 'beholder lair' be covered in 'beholder goo' to look interesting instead of some stairs :-P.

    The cavern that leads north west I was going to use for the Sea Cave Extension (and add a patch tile of bricks to cover the 'Aquatic Dungeon' entrance for another time). Then have the fisherman / ex-pirate be outside in-between the tanner and the lift cave exit; although it can change if you really want.

    What is really important now is that the quests and plot can be tested, the finer area details can be polished as time goes on. What you are doing right now is very important; gear up for a play test of the main 'bones' of the content; the plot progression :-).

    Also I want to fix that bridge / dock area art transition to look more natural / structurally sound but that can come in the later rounds of polish after the feature critical elements are well polished :-D.
  • WithinAmnesia said:
    @Roxanne Here is the start of the Black Dragon Lair W.I.P. 001 (The Green Pool is acid for her clutch of eggs; a small yet important world detail)

    I can do the basic stuff in area creation but I am not too good with overlays and doors and such. So if you provide these it would be ideal if you had all the area files.
    The Seacave hub was easy, because I just needed to edit the exits and entries to fit it into the game.
  • Roxanne said:
    WithinAmnesia said:
    @Roxanne Here is the start of the Black Dragon Lair W.I.P. 001 (The Green Pool is acid for her clutch of eggs; a small yet important world detail)

    I can do the basic stuff in area creation but I am not too good with overlays and doors and such. So if you provide these it would be ideal if you had all the area files.
    The Seacave hub was easy, because I just needed to edit the exits and entries to fit it into the game.
    Ah okay yeah; I can do all of the area files. I just wasn't sure if wanted to do it or not. With the TIS made I can can do them bit by bit until they are done; I can do every step although with time I will get better at doing them quicker :-P.
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    @Roxanne Hey I just finished the 002 W.I.P. version of the Black Dragon Lair. So what do you think? :-)21 Layers of Textures were used in the creation of this image:-P.

  • This looks great.
    It is not an area you have seen before, it has the feeling of those SoD dungeon but is no copy of the dragon lair there. It has enough room for battle and good points to place different loot (containers) for different outcomes of the plot.
    It could be connected directly to the exit I have already implemented to lead to the area or there could be a smaller transit areas (maybe with some smaller wyrms) until you reach it. That is easy to change by just adjusting the names in transition areas and can be done within minutes.

    I am about to finish the other main quest (first playable version) meanwhile.
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    Roxanne said:
    This looks great.
    It is not an area you have seen before, it has the feeling of those SoD dungeon but is no copy of the dragon lair there. It has enough room for battle and good points to place different loot (containers) for different outcomes of the plot.
    It could be connected directly to the exit I have already implemented to lead to the area or there could be a smaller transit areas (maybe with some smaller wyrms) until you reach it. That is easy to change by just adjusting the names in transition areas and can be done within minutes.

    I am about to finish the other main quest (first playable version) meanwhile.
    Oh cool, good to hear. I am to polish up the Mind Flayer Dungeon Level One (doppelgangers) and then work of the Sea Cave Extension (Level One leading into the Black Dragon Lair). Then I want to fix that bridge transition into the docks on the Sea Tower map and then make an undamaged wall tile patch to cover up the broken wall (where the Aquatic Dungeon Area was to be but priorities; iterate, iterate iterate! :-P).
  • WithinAmnesia said:
    Then I want to fix that bridge transition into the docks on the Sea Tower map and then make an undamaged wall tile patch to cover up the broken wall (where the Aquatic Dungeon Area was to be but priorities; iterate, iterate iterate! :-P).
    I did not notice anything there. Also I am not sure how this could be done without trashing everything already done to the area. Can just the TIS + PVRZs be exchanged without all the rest?
    I tried that a few times but mostly failed and when it worked I had forgotten how I achieved it...
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    @Roxanne Ah a healthy amount of trail and error to fix the area (including the night map); something I know how to do in spades (mostly error until it works :-P).

    From a technical / educated guess I think the light map and height map can stay the same, the boundary map will be updated perhaps, the TIS can be changed. The area / wed might have to reassembled / compiled but it should work. I swapped out the TIS file on my Arms and Armour Emporium many times. It can be done but the bugs will be ironed out bit by bit until it is finished :-P.

    I am aiming to finished the TIS files and make rudimentary areas (very basic boundaries and lighting with no height-maps and only the plot required map elements; like that Mind Flayer Door and the container in the Black Dragon Lair. I am aiming to get the maps ready for play test for the main functionality. Then once the main elements are polished I can continue to polish the intricate time consuming area files more and more until the areas are high quality and worth sharing to the public:-).

    Also I have broke ground on the Sea Cave Dungeon Area Level One (W.I.P. 001 Rough-Draft):

    The area scale is 5120 x 3840 (maxim area size :-D). I plan to cobble more Siege of Dragonspear art assets with possible cameos from Baldur's Gate II and Icewind Dale Enhanced Editions for extra pizazz!

    I want to add the 'sea tunnel' in the big sea cave to give more of a chance for the aquatic elements to make sense and to also have the skull dragon be able to 'fish' :-P. The Sea Cave Dungeon Level One area should be a flowing eclectic collection of map assets that (I hope X-P) blend well together to make a nature setting fit for a grand excursion to adventure :-P!
  • @Roxanne The Sea Cave Dungeon Level One TIS is progressing nicely. The area sure has come along fast:-).
    There is still a WHOLE LOT of work to still be done but at the very unfinished state that it is now one can still get a general idea of the layout and general theme of the cave and how the are will feel:-D.
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    @Roxanne The area art for the Sea Cave Dungeon level One is now high quality :-D!

    Over 50 layers were used in the creation of this image o.O. This took over 7 hours to assemble into a high quality state tonight; 7 PM (with a break at 10 PM) to 3 AM x.X. I hope that you enjoy the area art. This is my largest completely made area art image that I have created as of yet :-D!
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    That looks amazing. It feels like it deserves some extra plot.
    This is more than just a transition to the dragon I would say.

    I could think of something unless you already have some idea. I would like to experience the area with my party before I suggest something. That is more inspiring than just looking at a picture. It makes me "feel" a plot/quest if I am in the area myself.

    PS - my own current dungeon areas for the main plot feel pretty humble in comparison. Regardless, I tested the whole existing quests on BGEE yesterday and I am starting an EET regression (with my original EET chapter6 party) right now.

    Writing took me a bit longer because I also took some SoD content into account already and made references to the Winski/Dynaheir relationship that is part of the BG1NPC mod. Since that mod is nearly in every player's setup for BG1 it makes sense to treat it almost like vanilla content and incorporate its stories. This way the quest will feel far more integrated into the overall game.
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    @Roxanne There is a table and a few tools and torches (around near the south especially). Perhaps a minor encounter of doppelgangers would explain these features (artifacts of many map feature stitched together).

    Also having a minor spat of doppelgangers would add more  areas for plot material. I feel that the Mind Flayer Dungeon had only a wing of doppelgangers mean while the Doppelgangers are the most important / plot related / they tie the area and the plot together; the doppelgangers are most related to the plot and thus should have a tad bit more representation.

    The area is ripe for mushroom people for all the luminescent mushrooms, fish people / aquatic creatures that can swim up from the big sea tunnel, beetles, spiders, umber hulks, sea trolls, something that has wings like some of the bones etc. Big bonus points for any other interesting creature(s) that suit the theme of the multi-wing subterranean dungeon that are present in other Enhanced Edition games as regular encounters yet are absent from the Original Baldur's Gate.

    The next natural step is to make these high quality area images into game play test ready areas. Bit by bit until it one is finished. I really want to have these areas turn out very well. I want people to find the content experience enjoyable and worth playing :-).

    Feel free to throw some ideas around, just keep throwing ideas and don't be shy about getting it wrong the first kicks at the can. This area is a testament to keep plugging away and adding more ideas and solutions to the pile until the goal is polished polished polished! Iterate, iterate, iterate X-P. Run wild with ideas and see where they take you :-).

    Also I am not out of the woods yet, I still have to make the first level of the Mind Flayer Dungeon into a high quality area image and then polish the Sea Tower Bridge area transition. HMMMN 8-P.
  • Some more water/sea related plot would be better.
    Doppelgangers in Seven Suns etc have led to the tower, and they already appear in the other areas connected to the main plot. I would prefer something different for this atmospheric gloomy area. The ghost of a drunken sailor? (Balduran himself - exaggerated maybe...). The ghost of the fisherman's wife? He murdered her?
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    @Roxanne Yeah good old ghost sailor plot would be good; better than the doppelganger idea :-P. It would be spooky if the sailor was waiting at the table commenting that his pint is taking longer than it should; the barmaid should be back any minute now; the first drink back in port is always the best o' grogs! It would be extra eerie if the sailor continued on his ramble and was waiting at the table for a boat to pick him up after his ship ran a ground in a storm to take him back to Gray Harbor; 'they'll be here in a tenday...'

    As many ghosts do not fully realize that they are dead and sick around to complete a task they had unresolved in life. Like the Japanese ghost taxi stories:

    They work such long hours in japan that even the ghosts have to go to work x-D.

    He has an urgent delivery from the Citadel of Alaundo https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Candlekeep . But has lost the item in the 'tavern'; the 'barmaids' must have swiped it thinking it payment for a room... Perhaps this package can be found in the Sea Cave with a nasty aquatic creature's long dead skeleton (aquatic monster encounter). Once the player has the package and gives it to the spectral sailor, the spectral sailor says that he will miss the harvest moon with his overnight at the tavern waiting for the boys to pick him up. He regrets that his delivery service will look bad being late to deliver the urgent package to Captain Balduran. The player then breaks the news that Captain Balduran has been missing for hundreds of years, actually over a thousand years. The spectral sailor says he probably needs to find a new job on the farm if he was that late and he better get home then before the wife's dinner gets cold and then disappears. The player has completed the quest and the sailor gives the 'package' back to the player saying his delivery days are over. Perhaps the 'package' is revealed on the final quest reward to be the Amulet of Balduran?

    Oh I found this as well looking for how long Balduran has been missing; it pays to do extra research X-P: "Although he invested vast amounts of money into his home-town, it is rumoured that before leaving for his second and final adventure, Balduran hid the rest of his fortune along with numerous relics in one of the many caves along the Sword Coast cliffs. These cliff's are known as the Sword's Teeth." https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Balduran

    History of Baldur's Gate:

    Originally, the harbor-settlement that came to be known as Baldur's Gate was a well-hidden meeting place for pirates, scavengers and "ghost lighters". These naer-do-wells used lights to trick ships sailing through the foggy coast, running them aground before pilfering their goods. After looting what they could, they sailed up the River Chionthar to the small bay, to their secluded haven called Gray Harbor.[16]

    In olden times, the seafaring hero Balduran returned home to Gray Harbor, from a voyage to the far-off continent of Anchorome, far beyond the elven isle of Evermeet. He had accumulated great wealth on this journey. After hiding some of his riches away in hidden caches, her ordered a great granite wall to be built for the protection of his home. Soon after, Balduran set sail on a second voyage to the continent and subsequently vanished, never to return.[34][2]

    After Balduran vanished, local farmers took control of the wall's construction and used it to protect their own holds and farmsteads, rather than the harbor.[34] Nearby townsfolk and other outsiders flocked to the fledgling town for protection and the hamlet swelled in size. The walled region of Gray Harbor came to be known as "Old Town", while newly-constructed buildings, between the southern wall and the harbor, were built in the portion thereafter known as "Heapside".[2]"


    "The answer is that we just don't know.
    The western heartlands is an area that has received little historical detail.
    The area was part of a great elven forest, I think called shantel othreier, which was consumed by dragon fire and the crown wars.
    The plains were then claimed by the giants who reformed one of the kingdoms of ostoria.
    The giants held those plains right up until the fall of netheril, even though the kingdom broke apart after a war with shanatar.
    I think the humans fleeing netheril must have forced the giants out and it is around 0 dr that grey harbour was founded.
    I made up a date for baldurs gates founding but can't remember when exactly, I think it's around 300 dr but I'll look it up for you tonight"

    Another Item of Balduran would be suiting for the area I reckon (maybe some of the Balduran's lost treasure as well given the hidden nature of the area). Perhaps something most every player could use. Magic Resistance, AC bonus, Hit Points and maybe passive Regeneration?
  • I have this:
    A headless ghost of a sailor - it turns out he really was a pirate and was beheaded. An unfinished task that does not let him rest (like in your story). He cannot remember without his head...
    Finding the head would involve the Selune temple - I still want to have something special going on there instead of just being a simple temple. The reward for finding his head is the hint for a cache of some loot (from Balduran?)
    The "Amulet of Balduran" is a good idea, you do not really have need for gold or other riches by that time in the game.
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    @Roxanne Hmm yeah perhaps the spectral sailor 'pirate' was framed as a pirate for he knew the stash of Balduran and was killed as a loose end. Much like ancient emperors killing the artisans who built their tombs; or the master robber killing the accomplices after the massive loot heist.

    Perhaps the Pirate wanted a chunk of the wealth from Balduran and went to take some the vast treasure and Balduran got wind of this and declared him a dirty pirate and had him beheaded at where the Selune temple is located now. The statue outside of the temple could give praise to Captain Balduran for his founding and protection of the City of Baldur's Gate both from aboard and within; a subtle foreshadowing? The player would then open a container of remains....

    OH I KNOW! Oh about the player gets access to the Tomb of the RESTLESS DEAD via the Selune temple! Asking the priest about a spiritual manner to bring peace to a long restless spirit of the island!


    Okay this just tied everything together; the headless 'pirate' / old first mate of Balduran would have to be a shade in animation for his animation to make sense (no head). AH YEAH! Because it would look like a spooky ghost 'kill it with fire' but really it is lost soul looking for closure! A sheep hiding in wolves clothing! Then when the head is returned the cre files are swapped to a ghost sailor animation. The quest is finished and the incorporeal now restful dead sailor gives the last piece of booty from his ill-fated delve into Balduran's treasure to the player as thanks before fading into history; the amulet he swiped from Balduran!:-D

    I still like the idea of the amulet being sourced from the Citadel of Alaundo (commissioned for Balduran's upcoming adventuring needs). I also like the idea of the spectral pirate referring to Baldur's Gate as the Gray Harbor for the olden names are historically acculturate and paint a theme of ancient mysteries and time long gone by. A spectral sailor truly time lost from another age... I LOVE IT:'-D!
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