UI Mod Questions

Does anyone know if there's a UI mod or tweak that makes loot bodies open up when you walk over them rather than having to click on each body individually? Forgot how much I disliked looting bodies in this game lol.


  • Do you not use the quick loot function that EE has?
  • Hmm, what feature is this? Currently my loot is walk over to each of the bodies, click and open every body, and take the items I want. That said, I'm beginning something funky happening with my Lefreut's enhanced UI (SOD skin) as the quest box isn't behaving correctly.

  • You activate the red button (toggle function) and see all items lying on the ground within 20ft or so, you can also select the party member to pick up a specific item.
  • OMG that's exactly what I'm looking for! THANK YOU! I felt like I was taking crazy pills looking for that!
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