The Worldmap mod

Out of my entire selection, only Check the Bodies needs it. But I want to try that mod, I think, so...

What are the differences between the Worldmap Mod and the EET default map? I mean, aside from looking different, do they function differently somehow? Also, can I use the "Large" version if the only mod needing it is Check the Bodies? Or do I need Huge version.


  • The function for both maps are the same, i.e. for a mod selection that allows for choice it is a pure cosmetic thing and a matter of taste.

    For mods that require the worldmap mod, the issue is that a) the EET map is cut off in the east where the vanilla game has no further areas b) the EET map is kind of "folding" between the northern Sword Coast areas and the IWD related areas in the north. Some strip in between the two regions is omitted (e.g. Waterdeep is in that fold).

    The worldmap mod will determine by itself which map size is required for your mods and enforce the huge one if needed.
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    Hi @d2freak ,

    reading your comments I see that you are probably going through the same decision process I did few days ago when started my EET mod selection.

    As Roxanne already wrote, EET map is basically BG2 vanilla map, extended north and south to include IWD and TOB areas. It really looks professionally done. Also it is more ''compact'' than World Map, so no need to scroll around much.
    This is something that always bothered me with Worldmap, everything is so zoomed in that you can see only small part of the map on the whole screen. If you prefer BG2 vanilla map look I would recommend to drop Check the Bodies and World Map mod.
    Considering you already dropped all other big mods, you wont't lose much. There is already lot of new content included in quest mods and SOD.
  • I took a look at CtB again (also inspired by this discussion to see what needs to be done to make that big mod a bit more customizable.

    Fact is that CtB is a collection of quests rather than one quest.
    Many episodes take place within vanilla areas or extensions reachable from those.
    Some few (Hlondeth, Kudin) require worldmap entries which are beyond the normal map scope.
    In addition, the mod mixes episodes of quite different quality and quantity, which invites the idea of making individual quests selectable on their own.

    However, the mod's current structure (going by file classes rather than by content) makes it an enormous effort to break it into components. You would need to identify for each quest exactly which mod resource is used in it and even find those that are needed more than once. This is surely too much work (+  risk to break something) to be justified by the possible gain. Apart from the difficulty to find someone to do it, those who did the EE conversion have mostly already withdrawn from modding, at least for the time being.
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    Thanks to you both. Yeah I'm having a hard time deciding now. To be honest, I'm really on the fence with Check the Bodies anyway. Some say it's good, some say it's bad. It's very hard to find any information on it at all. I like the idea of more quests though. But not if they are buggy or immersion breaking. I'm not sure where ctb fits in there.

    I also included ntosc and tdd because I hear good things about them.
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