About Wheels of Prophecy/Alternatives

Both these mods allow to do things out of order or divert from "the beaten path".

I am intrigued by it, but I wonder... won't this mess up a lot of like NPC banters and things like that? Romance tracks, scenery talks etc


  • Clear answer, no.

    Unless...there are some mod NPCs that appear in SoA but only if you either side with Aran (e.g. Fade) or with Bodhi (e.g. Valen), however this is the same situation without Alternatives already. And you must remember that Alternatives mod only adds further possibilities to reach Brynnlaw but does not remove the existing ones.

    Wheels adds more depth to ToB but does not change its content in a way that compromises compatibility with mods or romances. Mainly it allows you to deal with Balthazar in a way to make him your ally - the original dialogues were tempting you but finally all ended in hostility (the mod corrects that.) It also allows you to de-mask Melissan earlier instead of just mistrusting her.

    I can clearly recommend both mods for their content and being well tested/bug free.
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