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Hi again; I have another Near Infinity question, though it should be pretty simple. I would like to remove the two points in "two-weapon style" for the archer kit. Is there a simple way to do that in near infinity? I'd also like to restore the charm animal ability and update the kit description to match the change. Thanks again.


  • This is more than one question and they are not very precise.
    - You have your PC as archer and want to remove the points?
    - There are about 15 variations of charm animal...which one do you want to restore and what changed it? If your archer has that spell you should be able to see the designation when you look at the known spells entries for your cre.
  • Lemme try again now that I've thought about it a bit more. Forget the charm animal for now. What I actually want to do is remove the two proficiency points that the ranger class (not just the archer kit) gets in two-weapon style as a call attribute. Not just for my PC, but for the ranger class in general.

    For example, I'm using "NPCs Enhanced for Everyone," which allows me to assign, e.g., Kivan the archer kit and choose his weapon proficiencies. I want to assign two of the points in bow, and the other two points in other weapons, but I don't want him to also have the two points he automatically gets in two-weapon style.

    I've never liked that rangers get that class benefit; it was left over from the old days when Gygax, et al, were trying to copy Aragorn in the scene where he fights the Nazgul with a sword and a torch.

    So I'd like it gone in general.

    I don't think changing the class attribute will have an effect on rangers who I am not leveling up through "NPCs Enhanced for Everyone" because (I believe) those points are assigned via the .CRE file. But I can test that.

    Anyway, I hope that's a little clearer.
  • It is clearer.
    The ability etc are determined by 2da-files.
    At least one of them is weaprof.2da where you need to find swordandshield and the entries for rangers and set them to 0

    I am not a kit expert, I am not sure if that is all change you need to do.
  • awesome - I'll let you know how it goes
  • On a slightly related note, can you edit the associated text of a .dlg file without throwing off the trigger for a particular piece of dialogue? That is, does a particular response from an NPC rely upon the actual content of the text of from another NPC or charname or does it rely upon the state associated with the text?

    For example, I'm changing Minsc from a ranger into a fighter-berserker. I've located all the .dlg texts that ask him questions about being a ranger and am ready to modify the content of the texts (the actual statements themselves that appear in-game) to account for the fact that he's not a ranger, but a berserker. From what I understand, I can change the text itself without throwing off the triggers for the text.

    Long story short- if I want to change just the content of text without changing the triggers for the text, am I ok or do I run the risk of causing the whole dialogue from not happening at all?
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    E.g., can I change the following text from:

    Jaheira: "Ranger, are you talking again to that rodent?"


    Jaheira: "Warrior, are you talking again to that rodent?"

    without affecting if/when the dialogue will happen?

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    You can do these changes.
    The way the dialogues work is by states (triggers/conditions/actions etc) and the text itself. The test is represented by the string reference number you have surely seen already. This way, the game handles the translations to other languages. Some state corresponds to stringref 23456 which can be a different text in any language. Or a modified text.

    All strings are contained in a single file dialog.tlk (some languages have a second one for female references if there is necessity - dialogf.tlk, the English/American has just one).

    Before you do anything make a backup of your file. You find the file in your game directory/lang/your-language

    You can modify texts in two ways:
    - use Near Infinity (all is lost when you do a new installation)
    - create a mini-mod that changes the text (this only works for changes to the original dialogues but not for mod-added content).

    Note that voiced text is not changed, so what you see and what your may hear will differ (unless you remove the sound from the line).

    You probably will try the NI this time?
  • Yeah I'll use NI, since I've already found the texts I want to change. None of them are voice related. It's a little tedious but not awful.

    So it sounds like what you're saying is that if I don't change the triggers/conditions/actions or string ref numbers they dialogue should be okay?
  • So, it sounds like the two points in two-weapon style is "hardcoded," but someone suggested I create a special ability that sets two-weapon style to 0. I know how to assign the special ability to CLABRN, but I can't quite figure out how to create the special ability itself. I think it would be a .SPL file but what to do with it I'm not sure.
  • The ability that appears to assign 2WEAPONPROF to rangers is D52STWF, but removing that ability from, for instance, CLABRN02 doesn't seem to have an effect. So I've made a copy of D52STWF and I think that's what I need to tinker with, then assign it to CLABRN02 in a new row. Only thing is I'm not sure how to tinker with it.
  • It looks like you have a different setup. D52STWF clearly is some mod added spell, probably from one of the Unearthed Arcana series. I do not have it, so no idea what it does. But probably you would use opcode 233 to change proficiency 114.
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    Roxanne, you are slowly teaching me how to mod! Figured it out with your help - I set the "# stars" in opcode 233 to 0 and that did the trick (though two stars still appear on the character creation screen, they do not appear in game).

    So one last question (for the next 24 hours I promise) how do I reflect the change in the kit description? I edited the D5RAKIT.DLG, but that does not appear in game. I know it has something to do with the columns in the KITLIST but I'm not sure which one.

    Happy New Year btw
  • Did you look at Clastext.2da, especially the strings in the colums DESCSTR and BRIEFDESC ?
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