Modify Bhaalspawn Powers

Is it possible to modify Bhaalspawn powers with NI? Specifically, I would like to change one into Raise Dead. I know how to create it as an innate ability, but I thought it would be cooler to have it as a bhaalspawn ability instead.


  • I suppose it would have to be either editing the .2DA file or the editing the .SPL (SPIN) file it uses right?
  • You can make a copy of e.g. SPPR504.spl >>>BHRaise.spl which you change to innate. Then in e.g. Drmtxt7.2da you put that under GOOD_POWER.

    Just guessing, I have not tested this specific one. Of course you could also use a script or the console to give it to your PC.
  • The only thing I don't quite get is editing DRMTXT. It doesn't edit the same way as the other things I've edited. I.e., there's no "drop down" menu - you can only type over the current text, e.g. "SPIN101". Is that the one I should edit?
  • Yes, just write over it and save.
  • okay that sounds pretty straightforward

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