Text Box Logger?

Hi guys.

Does anyone know of an app/mod that will log the information in the text box/dialogue box so that you can look at it later? For example, a log file of the dialogue, combat, etc.? Or, if the game does this already, where I could look to see it?



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    There is no mod that does it.
    You can re-size and scroll back but the shown text is a temporary display issue and no record is kept. If you save and reload a scene, the test is gone, i.e it is not saved anywhere.
    In old classic game there was a cache that was used in order to reduce loading and saving times but on EE there are different techniques used. I never saw any files that store this.

    PS - Not even Argent 77 mods to activate hidden game features has such an option. https://github.com/Argent77/A7-HiddenGameplayOptions However, you can activate the display of more data to be shown with this mod.
  • Ah, I was hoping that maybe Debug Dump or Write Debug Dump command from LUA might be able to do it
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    Those dump files are technical files that are not even readable for users. Even modders cannot use them to find e.g. reasons for CtD or such.
  • gotcha thanks
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