Spirit Warrior in Watcher's Keep

Hi again Roxanne,

     So I've been continuing on with Sandrah and EET and I've come to an issue in Watcher's Keep and the Spirit Warrior's Maze.  I've attempted to go through the Maze several times, only making it to the Mummy once, where I died.  All other attempts have resulted in the Spirit Warrior's death before even making it to the Mummy.

     Some strange things that have happened, usually the Spirit Warrior's sword breaks after the first or second fight.  Sometimes the Goblin and Skeleton come back to life, after I've killed them and attacks the Spirit Warrior and the Warrior doesn't fight back.

     Do do have any recommendations on how I might make it through the Maze?


  • First to make this clear, it is not caused by Sandrah or EET at all. There is some mod that cab cause weapons to break even after the iron crisis is over. Probably the old warrior bought his sword in bad times.
    Anyhow - extract the attached file and put it into BG2EE/override of where you have EET installed. Then try again.

    If you still have problems with the mummy, then go to the override folder and check if a file FSMumm.cre is in there. If yes, post it here, it may have been *improved* by a mod that makes mummies and such harder enemies.
  • Hi Roxanne, yes, I know, I figured it wasn't caused by Sandrah or EET. 

    Your file worked, as usual, so again, thank you very, very much.

    BTW, I'm off to fight the Demogorgon now and I have Irenicus in my party.  He and Sandrah have some pretty interesting dialog.  I'm anxious to see how the story unfolds!
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