(shauhana) right now im kicking my self because i thought she was a cheap side character from a different mod then realized after i got her that she was part of the sandrah mod i have done pretty much every thing i can(including about 90% of the side quest's)  and im at the point right before you get into suldanessellar like i have the special lamp and the lenses but i was wondering if anybody knows what i content that i missed, my party consisted of jaheria, minsc, imoen,sandrah,naila i sent minsc the the copper cornet for now i know almost all of the npcs and companions from the sandrah mod have but loads of banter and stuff to do and what not (probly more) and i feel like i probly missed out on a lot 


  • The Shauhana quest starts with the blind orc in the slums and a Jansen family member offering trip s to the Stormhorns. It has two large quest parts that can be played at convenience (but part two only triggers if part one has been done).
    It also contains a Shauhana/Minsc romance and Minsc finding a new home and life. The story is continued in the Return to Faerun sequel.

    The issue will be that late in the game that the quests are designed to run in parallel to other things you do in Amn and evolve over time. If you start it so very late in the game there will be long stretches (like a ten day wait at one point) when nothing happens for that quest.

    If you want more details, just look into some of these

  • alrighty thanks sounds like i missed out on some stuff aw well always next playthrough XD 
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