Question regarding the Shine on Caelar mod

Hi, Thank you for making this mod, i would like to ask if you must do the part in the first part of the mod and get her to surrender in order to save her in ToB? or can i play normally through SoD and keep her alive at the end of the fight with Behifet and still save her in ToB?

Thank you i would like to find out so i don't play all the way to ToB then find out i made the wrong choice and have to replay the game all over again lol


  • There are these conditions to start the ToB content:

    1. Caelar survives SoD

    And one of these alternatives:
    2a. You persuade her to side against Belhifet in the end.
    She does not need to join your party for this in SoD.
    It is not necessary that you select the alternative route into Dragonspear Castle (the one where you go with Caelar instead of storming the castle).
    2b. You avoided the battle of Dragonspear Castle and went with her in the second meeting at Dead Man's pass. (To have this option in the dialogues at the meeting you must have sufficient evidence against Hephernian.)

    PS - you can check this at the end of the final battle with these globals - one of them must have the indicated value:
    Global("bd_alt_willing_surrender","global",9) OR Global("bd_caelar_fate","global",2)
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