Need assistance as to which mod(s) this refers to

I traveled to IceWind via Gandar, met with Alustriel,  took care of Errtu, and then Alustriel told me to go to Amn and talk to the elves.  I told Gandar that  I was ready to leave IceWind and then I am teleported to the Dock district in Athkatla.  As soon as I arrive a traveler appears and is talking of a floating mountain to the west.  He marks somethine on my map, but no name is given and I am not sure where it is.
Another is Larala, who is killed in a cut scene, her husband pleads to for some one to resurrect her, she is resurrected and then kills her husband.

I have no journal updates not quest updates, so I am a bit confused.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance


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    There is no way to rescue Larala...this will be revealed if you play on.
    The area you need to look for and visit is called Rusted Scabbard and should be on the worldmap SE of Suldanessalar (area code is ARP005).
    All of this is the final episode of The Darkest Day mod.
  • Yet again, thank you.  You have been incredibly helpful.
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