Edwin used nether scrolls and successfully transformed into a woman but then becomes non reactive/bu

So not sure if this is a bug or I am doing something wrong but Edwin read out the nether scrolls and successfully transformed into a woman - though now he becomes non reactive or non responsive and I can't move him. It happened right after I woke up from a sleep - so not sure what the problem could be. I rested again and Jaheira had a comment to say to him and edwin replied back in a womans voice but after that interaction was over he was still unmovable from his position - not really sure what this could mean? 

I believe after he transformed that he had something to say and laughs from the other members but none of that occurred?

Wasn't able to find anything online so if anyone has any suggestions it would be much appreciated!

Attaching weidu for reference and also I am including two save files - one before I rested and then another after rested and his transformation complete - (so you can see what I mean by non responsive)


  • Open the console and enter this

    The text must be exact, including all symbols and Capital letters.

  • Thank you so much that worked! Edwina is selectable now! She didn't say anything though after it happened,  but she did get teased by Anomen so everything seems to be in order!
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