different versions

Been a while and feeling the BG bug so was planning on a new install. I saw a version 4 announced on gibberlings but your version is 5. What exactly are the differences between the two?


  • Version 3 of the mod had been without any maintainer for a long time but was hosted on github for several years. During that time I helped to repair bugs and improve the mod for EE games. Earlier this year the mod was moved by someone with extended access rights and an attempt was made to make it work again for classic games and BGT, the result is version 4. All improvements for EE were ignored and only their own "updates" were considered, The result is a 500MB+ monster that has a self-attached "official" badge on it.
    In order to keep all the improvements made (with the help of many players who provided bug reports and tested solutions) I released an EE-only-version that I continue to support.
    If you want exact differences you need to look into the github repositories https://github.com/RoxanneSHS/RoT/commits/master
    as well as into the history of what used to be versions 3.xxx
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