L50 for everyone

Hello again!
in BGT there was a possibility to get Lvl 50 for all NPCs (dont remember the mod...)
is there a similar mod/component in EET ???


  • We have "CoM High Level Abilities" that goes to level 40 rules.
    "This mod enables you to reach level 40 in Baldur's Gate and gain the corresponding HLAs."

  • Thanx Roxanne - although not quite what I looked for....
    Additionally, there was an "beefed" up (Spell-)Progression table for Bards in BGT;
    (esspecially reaching L8 Spells near the end....)
    now it seems, bards are less useful as in BGT (less Spells per Level)

    is there anything that beefs up these bards in EET ?

  • Song and Silence is supposed to enhance bards. There are also some components in Might and Guile.
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