Aun is gone and no option to go to Avernus

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So, I waited to do this quest, but it turns out that if you kill Yaga-Shura first, this quest is no longer available as Aun disappears and there's no option to go to Avernus anymore.  Is there anyway to circumvent this?

EDIT: Well, you can set BDEEAunPlot to 4 and MelissanYagaKillJob to 0 and get the option to travel to Avernus in this case.  Once back in the pocketplane you need to spawn "BDAUN" to get the subsequent dialog to fire.  However, she's not compelling enough a character for this playthrough to really work out why she needs to be recruited before Yaga-Shura is killed.  It would be helpful if this is a hard requirement that there should be some dialog from Aun saying to hurry or something.


  • It is a requirement and it works as you describe, the option is gone after Yaga-Shura.
    My assumption was that this is the phase where you assemble your party and it makes sense to consider a new member.
    I will pick up your idea for Aun to make the rescue urgent or maybe the portal to tell you that the passage may become unavailable pretty soon due to whatever mechanism in the multiverse.
  • While I think most people have a stable party at the beginning of ToB (especially if you're playing EET), but I do like to swap some characters in and out occasionally during ToB because I find their personal quests compelling (Rasaad and Neera, in particular).  I think the requirement that the character has to be picked up early is artificial and not really needed.  Ok, you might miss out on a fully developed relationship with that character if you picked them up late, but it shouldn't be a requirement.  Just my thoughts.
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    I had slightly different considerations here, some were more technical (e.g. compatibility). There is a "step" in ToB by the time you get access to the worldmap. The mechanics of traveling around change at that moment. The return to Avernus needs to go before this step. Also the rest of Caelar's story would not fit well much later because she sees a close relationship between her involvement with the crusade and the player's role in the bhaalspawn war.
  • I see.  Well, that time/event limitation should be made clear upfront (in some lore-friendly way) to the player.
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