Quest questions!

Just curious as i think i did everything in the area that i can do, but i had some questions regardless. My first question has to do with the chest in the corner of the dragon room that needs a special key to open, i killed the dragon before doing the quest, so i assume it is not inaccessible. My second question is the entrances (ST0100) in the main area of the sea tower. I think two entrances seem to be impossible to enter, mainly the two buildings south east of the smithy, the one with a locked door and the one with an open entrance that can't be entered; do either of these places serve a purpose or are they some kind of WiP.


  • The chest is opened by the dragon if you do not kill her but solve her quest. This also provides you with different loot instead of the eggs etc.

    The locked door in the main area (on the northern wall) opens with a key you find when you solved the doppelganger quest and find Sarevok's agent/mentor. The farm buildings have no purpose. There is the smithy, the two temples, the garrison and the library, also the sea cave. Several other doors just lead to the wall catwalk or some watchtower, but you get nothing but the view.
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