Adalons Blood: Cutscene hangs

it seems I have a prpblem with "normal" EET
Eh no, its the adalon blood mod ....
After getting her blood she will take me to the exit, but it happens - nothing!
the cutscene simply hangs

I must add that it is still a 2.3 Install

Is there something I can do ?

I append the save for analysis

Thnx in advance!


  • I am not sure that the issue is caused by the Adalon Blood mod. If I play with your save, I get the blood from her and then the *normal* exit scene continues. It all works for me and I made a save directly after the transport to the exit.
    My assumption is that it is a glitch that some players had in the past when they used a certain portrait mod that adds drow portrait. Using your save, I get Breagar and Sandrah back to normal (as they have their own drow change inside their mods) but Imoen stays drow.
    At what point exactly does the scene stop?
  • Thanks for your quick reply

    Hmmm, Adalon changes to Human form and casts a spell on my party
    then - nothing
    Never thought it could be a portrait...

    or is it I am only too impatient ?
    How long will it take to teleport to the exit ?

  • Oops!
    I just realized, that I have "lost" Haiass !

    Is that normal?

  • Hello,
    how can I change portraits/paperdolls anyway ?

  • I do not know how that drow transformation works and which mod you may have does it in your case Ilsandur?. Can you post the file Cut44C.bcs from your override?

    Afterwards, you may download the attached version and replace it in BG2EE/override, then reload the save prior talking to Adalon and see if that is better.
  • Thnx a lot!

    your file worked fine!
    i still dont know, what the reason for this issue was....

    But it helped!
    Thnx again!

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