Alina redeemed Irenicus

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IRL, it has been my 4th trial in more than 10 years.
After 420 hours of play (- some hours of iddle game when I worked or fixed bugs, so let's say 400 hours)...

In game, Alina, a neutral evil assassin/mage/warrior finally redeemed Irenicus.

It was what I intented to do for this run. I had reasons to fear I would not succeed. I had to resort to extreme measure (not going with Sandrah at the end) to see the ending.

And finally his epilogue.



It was a hard run mostly because some mods weren't really void of bugs. And I discovered that I didn't like the most important mod of my selection; but I played it without restrain, and even if the choices were not what I'd expect, I had fun with the banters and the lot of coherence which that mod brought between other mods (big or small) so I saw what amount of energy and love was put in it. Obviously I mean Sandrah Saga.

Roxanne has helped me a lot. She must have found me very criticizing of her work, and yes I may have had harsh words. But she is someone who helps a lot, and I think that for this, she deserves praises.

So ... thank you Roxanne.

You were the most helpful person I ever met from all the time I played BG (+- 20 years).

I wish I had liked your mod more. Maybe on my next modded game, I will be back here (because EET calls me each time) and the next version will be more choice-friendly. Or not, because it's your mod, your work, your desires.

So I just wanted to acknowledge your patience and friendly help.

I was never disappointed by the person/infinityengine expert you are.


LordSith, signing out. (Well to be honest, i'll be back probably the next day to see posts of others, if i can help, but there will be a time I will not come back for a long time... until the next great adventures, who knows when. Maybe this year. I don't know. For now, I need to breath and change game.)

Edit: And obviously... a last post for now which goes in the wrong section :'(... it should go to "adventures log". Haha. It was the forum goodbye to me :D.


  • Congratulations!

    Nice to see you done what you wished. I already read somewhere your posts how you had try but did not redeem Irenicus before.

    So, he get mortal soul but in time he will be again connected to Elven Spirit?

    I did play him I think in year 2008, installed Ascension, Redemption, and Longer Road on old BG2 install. But his epilogue ended something like "he again attempted attack on Tree of Life and ended in bitter gray ashes". I did not even try to redeem him.
    "Lolth be praised" :p
  • Hey congrats man! Yeah, Sandrah is basically 2nd protagonist riding along with the Bhaals Spawn and can be annoying in some part. I honestly like that angle, but may be make her less naggy and less OP Roxanne (yes she is OP, probably can solo the game in a normal run with how overloaded she is).

    Do you mind sharing your bug-fix compilation so we people here can at least avoid them in the future?
  • zigma9114 said:

    Do you mind sharing your bug-fix compilation so we people here can at least avoid them in the future?
    All bug reports made from that playthrough have been analyzed and those that I could access to have been fixed either directly in the mods or with the Install Tool. Some others were due to mod incompatibilities that have also been incorporated into the tool.

    A lot of players will benefit from @LordSith 's very detailed documentation.
  • Good to hear that. LordSith is incredibly critical of your work but thank you for taking the positives from his detailed reporting :)

  • If you still need, i'll happily share my weidu.log. (Since i'm unsure, I made a copy of the one in BGEE folder and called it BG1; then copy of those in BG2 folder).

    (Note that TDD was installed but I probably skipped most of the mod.

    I also added the "what I would install in my next run" selection ,based on my previous run, for information (BWS selection .èz contains it).

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