Noob question: mods can't be downloaded....

During install, I got a message that certain mods: Tales of Deep Gardens, Check the Bodies of Elves and Artefacts, Balduran's Sea Tower, Romantic Encounters, Imnervale Invasion couldn't be downloaded, yet I was able to personally manually download them.

Is there a way to manually have EE Mod Setup Tool recognize these manually downloaded zips and use them? 

Thank you!



  • There are two ways
    - either put those downloads (zip or rar archives) into the same download folder with the other mod downloads
    - or when the tool asks you about the mod use (p)rovide and next step (s)elect which will open a file manager window where you can point to the download. In some cases it may tell you about mismatch file size and you just (f)orce the use.
  • Thank you, Roxanne.

    In what folder does the master file need to be located for the app to recognize it? And what should the naming convention be for the zip to ensure it recognizes it? 
  • If you have a file called without a mod reference e.g. modxxxx-master,zip, then this was a github error. You may open the zip to see which mod is actually inside and best download it anew. This is a random github issue that I can do nothing about.

  • Thanks, @Roxanne - I'll try this out. Appreciate your guidance!
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