Fake Gorion in Yagashuratemple: requires Sarevok, dialogue glitch


due to some mod, Gorion fake needs sarevok: he creates Tamoko, dialog start "where is sarevok"... then nothing.

Talk back to specter Gorion => creates Tamoko, again.

=> i created sarevok.cre , took him in team.
Dialogue proceeded differently: talk between gorion and Sarevok, then tamoko appears, then dialogue between her and Sarevok, then finally fight against specter.

If that's a mod here...

Attached weidu log.


  • Might be one of the Sarevok mods (you have friendship + romance), I do not know. I never saw those lines but then - I never would use these mods...

    Can you post the file HGWra01.dlg from override - or better even, run changelog on that file. Maybe you find out.
  • EDIT - sarevokromance mod is a good candidate for the problem. The mod contains several interjections in ToB in case your romance has reached some status that do not check if Sarevok is really there or not. If that was the case for you, there will come more of similar bugs until the end...
    To avoid them just set the sarevokromance global to something like 99. E.g. C:SetGlobal("LS#SarevokRomanceActive","GLOBAL",99)
    unless you plan to pick him up again.

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