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Starting this as general thread for all questions concerning the Sirene NPC mod.

My specific issue is that I seem to have stalled on ‘love talks’ and only get non-dialogue flirts (descriptive text in parentheses, no conversation). Talks with other party members are progressing and I’m hoping to avoid accidentally ending Sirene’s romance. I checked the global variables using EEKeeper and, as best as I can tell, romance is set to “2” (but I may be looking at the wrong variable). I installed the Sirene mod along with EET and am at the point in the story where I’m gathering money for Gaylen Boyle and have completed a few major quests. Tried searching for walkthroughs/guides but no luck. Any advice is appreciated.


  • The first global to check (maybe with console)
    C:GetGlobal("C0SireneMatch","GLOBAL") it must be 1, it may reset if your reputation drops (she is a paladin) or if you advance some other romance with another NPC.

    The next to check is
    C:GetGlobal("C0SireneRomanceActive","GLOBAL") which should be either 1 or 2

    C:GetGlobal("C0SireneShutUp","GLOBAL") which should NOT be 1

    Last thing is
    C:GetGlobal("C0SireneLovetalk","GLOBAL") to see where in the progress you are at the moment

    A number of those love talks are only triggered under special conditions e.g. party has rested, you are in a city, player is injured significantly etc.

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    Thanks for the response. Using EEKeeper, I found:

    C0SireneMatch = 1
    C0SireneRomanceActive = 1
    C0SireneShutUp = n/a (not present)
    C0SireneLovetalk = 9
    C0SireneLovetalkTimer = 7338314

    Everything seems in order in this regard. Thanks for the tip on LoveTalk triggers. I did more digging around and found:

    LoveTalk 4 triggers when PC health is <75%. This happened only recently for the first time in this playthrough, perhaps this is why there was such a lag.

    LT10: Triggers when in City
    LT11: Triggers in Umar Hills
    LT14: Tiggers when resting at Inn

    I'll keep playing and report back with progress/update.
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    Lovetalk is 9
    The next one will happen after a rest and after the timer between talks has expired. Everything appears to be fine for you, unless you manage to ruin your reputation meanwhile.
  • Update: The romance has continued normally,  all triggers normal. 

    However, I'm facing another issue: I'm not getting any of the random encounters by leaving the from City Gates. I've attempted travel outside the city many times now, with no luck. I'm not sure what the triggers are for these encounters. If I'm supposed to speak to a messenger first, they have not yet appeared. Does it only happen in a specific story chapter or have other specific triggers?

    For reference, I'm still gathering money for Gaelan Boyle, the variable C0SireneLovetalk = 21, and C0SireneRomanceActive = 1.
  • It only happens in chapters prior Brynnlaw (which is still true for you). It happens in an overland travel at random. But only if you had the "standard" encounters already, i.e. the Renfield encounter to bring the poisoned man to the harpers must already have happened.

    You can check
    C:GetGlobal("C0SireneEncounter","GLOBAL") if it does not exist, it is still to come.
    C:GetGlobal("RandomEncounters","GLOBAL") must be 2 or more, means you had Renfield
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