Scroll of teleportation?


Need some help here: I just got the request from the Black Dragon to bring her a scroll of teleportation; the diary entry suggests to look in the shops and temples of the city. Sorcerous Sundries seems to be the most logical place, and yet nothing: no different dialogue options with the storekeeper, nor any signs of the scroll in the items he sells.

Where am I supposed to find it?


  • There are a number of places. The scroll is named Teleportation Field.
    - the emporium new shop in the road north of Sundries, the High Hedge, Erdane outside Durlag's Tower, the General Store in the area with Flaming Fist HQ,  or simply the Selune Temple at the Seatower...

  • Ah, thanks! I think maybe Sorcerous Sundries had it too at one point, but I might have bought it previously to scribe it.
  • I was looking for that famous scroll.

    It was just a regular spell.

    LOL and i was looking for a quest scroll or a level 7 scroll. I already have this in my bag. Let's go back to the dragon.
  • How compatible is this quest with Spell Revisions since SR might change things for teleport field?
  • Endarire said:
    How compatible is this quest with Spell Revisions since SR might change things for teleport field?

    Compatibile regarding spell itself in game generally, or regarding this quest?

    About this quest consider my answer and input as limited, as in my last play where I progressed past BG1 did not include this mod (now it is included but I did not reach that part of game).
    But if some creature require you to bring scroll to it, it have nothing to do with effects of spell itself (unless there is some specific scenario there).

    Regarding spell itself, it is level 4 mage spell. Looking at spell now (vanilla version, I do not have SR installed now), it uses Teleport Field (222), and offer no Save.

    This is link about Teleport Field SR :

    For vanilla Teleport Field :

    I'm not familiar with G3 much so I can't know is this info about SR version up to date.

    According to it, SR version have 30ft radius compared to 15ft for vanilla, but offers Save vs Spell at -4 penality.
    Stand and deliver, that my hamster might have a better look at you!
  • Everybody seems to mix things up here.
    The scroll asked for by the original poster is a mod item, a special "scroll" to help a large dragon to teleport out of a collapsed cave where it is caught. It is used in dialog and script and has no function outside of the quest.
    It is created by a potent mage by combining a vanilla game scroll with some extra items. No compatibility or other issue here.
  • Thankee for clarifying!
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