Mods for more extraplanar/interplanar adventures?

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Greetings, all!

I've loved D&D for many reasons, including the ability to change planes and campaign settings via plane shift, gate, and other means of interplanar/interdimensional travel.  (BG2EE has portals to other planes, extraplanar creatures, a Planar Sphere, and a Spelljammer!)  I wished Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition added adventures on other planes, not merely relying on the content from the original version.

Big mods exist already for EET and Icewind Dale-in-EET is coming Soon™, but I'd like to know in a low/no spoiler fashion what mods exist - if any - that grant extraplanar adventures.

As for my favorite planes and extraplanar places to visit, I'd like to visit the Great Wheel, the Outlands, and the Planescape setting in general beyond what's in PS:T.  I'd like to try Krynn, Ravenloft, Athas/Dark Sun, and Eberron to name a few.

Finally, to clarify, I don't mean just to 'play the game' as it is and experience the extraplanar adventures.  I've already done that.


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    There is really none that exists in the EET context, except some minor adventures in one or the other mod, but probably you know them already. I just list some here for anyone who is interested (but I know it is not what you actually want);

    • (In classic game (BGT) there was the Vecna mod, but all it did was add some planes and fill them with monsters for tactical challenges. The mod never was converted to EE and that is no loss, it did not even provide real areas for those planes and no plot at all.)
    • In the Saerileth mod you have a personal quest to make a small excursion to Sigil.
    • TDD contains several episodes that take you to other planes, mostly the lower ones but also to Cyric's domain in the "Onset" episode.
    • Many mods take you to the lower planes and hell, some even use the planar sphere for it
    • Tyris Flare NPC and Tsujatha NPC come from other worlds but I do not remember if you visit any or just talk about them. Even those other world may still be part of the Prime.
    • Foundling mod has a quest that takes you to shadow plane but it is just one IWD-like area and some caves
    • Region of Terror has some places (e.g. Spirit Soaring, Gragha city) that are extraplanar locations
    • In the Sandrah RtF mod you visit some other planes (e.g. Fugue Plane or Celestia) but still the mod stays mainly on Faerun,
    • I am not sure where the areas in the colours of infinity mod series are supposed to be located, I always thought of them rather as dream settings but maybe they are supposed to be real in some place(?)
    • Afaaq the djinni companion mod has some quests on other planes inhabited by djinns and the like - but again mostly it is a companion who follows you in the main game
    • I am not sure about the Tale of the Luremaster setting, anyway there is a mod that makes it available in EET
    • Sandrah ToT uses the original game areas but takes you into the Time of Troubles time period, so that is a different aspect of changing the game setting.
    Just a brainstorming and not complete...

    PS - Planescape area backgrounds are used by a number of mods for their areas, even if not as often as IWD area art.
  • Thankee!

    I've not yet tried these mods.  They're on the install list.
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