Solar won't appear after Balthazar dead

Hello! A have a problem. After I defetead Balthazar (or convinced him to fight Mellisan), Solar won't appear and I can't proceed.
In journal appears this thing - %solarjournal%. As I think, this is a problem with Wheels of Prophecy or Ascension?
What can I do to fix this?


  • Just to understand, this happens inside Balthazar's monastery?
    There are a number of possible solutions and they depend on which other bhaalspawn is dead already (Sendai or Abazigal or both or none or all three including Balthazar)...

    The resulting scene to trigger is a different one each time. Confirm that you have installed both mods, Wheels and Ascension?

    I also need to values for these two globals
  • Yes, in monastery. Sendai and Abazigal are dead already. I've killed Sendai 1st, then Abazigal.
    I've installed both mods. Just checked log file and both mods are installed correctly, without any problems.
    Values for both globals are - 1
  • There are still different options
    1 - Balthazar joins you and you confront Melissan but she escapes (or are you stuck before this already?)
    2 - Balthazar is dead as well

    Which one is your situation?
  • Problem appears after 1 or 2 option. I've tried both of them and Solar won't appear, won't teleport you in pocket plane.
  • Solar is not expected to happen if you had all dreams already.

    In case 1 after Melissan fled from you there should be a conversation with Balthazar and he should tell you to return to the grove where you met Illasera. You can return to the pocket plane and go via the portal to the grove.
    If Balthazar died in the battle as well you may find his journal that has similar information.
    These commands may help to advance if any of the above has failed
    C:SetGlobal("DMWWSpawnBalthPostAS","GLOBAL",1) followed by

    C:CreateItem("dw#balbo") to give you the journal

    In case 2
    C;SetGlobal("DMWWNoteMelFled","GLOBAL",1) followed by
    C: Eval('StartCutScene("dw#balc7")')
    I think you also need to find Balthazar's journal to advance.
  • Nothing helped. I've tried all commands.
    1) Mellisan fled, conversation with Balthazar, I return to pocket plane and portal teleports me to the monastery and thats all. (quest - the end is near? - finished)
    2) The same. Portal returns me to the monastery. (quest - the end is near? - finished)

  • After you either talked to Balthazar or you found his journal you should have this

    C:GetGlobal("DMWWGroveRevealed","GLOBAL") should be 1

    This should offer the grove to be chosen at the pocket plane portal.

  • Nope, nothing. Global is 1, but portal offers me other companions or teleports me to the monastery. Grove doesn't appears on the map.
  • Viom said:
    Nope, nothing. Global is 1, but portal offers me other companions or teleports me to the monastery. Grove doesn't appears on the map.

    Select whole party
  • Working!)
    Thank you!
  • Ok, this is very strange. I've just continued my game - I defetead demons in the Groove and talked to Solar and Melissan in pocket plane, then defetead The Ravager. And after this, as I remember, I must teleport to the Bhaal Throne. But teleport isn't working again. I've tried console to teleport my party there - Mellisan talk to me and nothing happens. (I choose the case when Balthazar is alive and helping me)
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    It seems that some dialogue additions made by wheels of prophesy mod are broken in your installation. I would assume that you (just by bad timing) are one of the unlucky victims that installed the first version of the mod after its update - the bugs should by now be fixed but it takes a long time to make it to ToB...

    Go to the BG2EE/override folder and look for the file PPguy01.dlg. Attach it here and I will try and see if I can repair it.

    Alternatively you can try this command
  • Oh, it's bad, I don't wanna replay the whole game(.
    Here it is:

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    Check these Globals

    C:GetGlobal("fin_balth_checkpoint_passed","GLOBAL") if not 1 set it to 1
    C:GetGlobal("BalthazarFights","GLOBAL") if not 1 set it to 1
    C:GetGlobal("DMWWGrove","GLOBAL") if not 2 set it to 2

    Now check if the portal transports you to the final battle.

    If not, set those globals and then

  • Thank's again. Globals are helped.
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