Solar won't appear after Balthazar dead

Hello! A have a problem. After I defetead Balthazar (or convinced him to fight Mellisan), Solar won't appear and I can't proceed.
In journal appears this thing - %solarjournal%. As I think, this is a problem with Wheels of Prophecy or Ascension?
What can I do to fix this?


  • Just to understand, this happens inside Balthazar's monastery?
    There are a number of possible solutions and they depend on which other bhaalspawn is dead already (Sendai or Abazigal or both or none or all three including Balthazar)...

    The resulting scene to trigger is a different one each time. Confirm that you have installed both mods, Wheels and Ascension?

    I also need to values for these two globals
  • Yes, in monastery. Sendai and Abazigal are dead already. I've killed Sendai 1st, then Abazigal.
    I've installed both mods. Just checked log file and both mods are installed correctly, without any problems.
    Values for both globals are - 1
  • There are still different options
    1 - Balthazar joins you and you confront Melissan but she escapes (or are you stuck before this already?)
    2 - Balthazar is dead as well

    Which one is your situation?
  • Problem appears after 1 or 2 option. I've tried both of them and Solar won't appear, won't teleport you in pocket plane.
  • Solar is not expected to happen if you had all dreams already.

    In case 1 after Melissan fled from you there should be a conversation with Balthazar and he should tell you to return to the grove where you met Illasera. You can return to the pocket plane and go via the portal to the grove.
    If Balthazar died in the battle as well you may find his journal that has similar information.
    These commands may help to advance if any of the above has failed
    C:SetGlobal("DMWWSpawnBalthPostAS","GLOBAL",1) followed by

    C:CreateItem("dw#balbo") to give you the journal

    In case 2
    C;SetGlobal("DMWWNoteMelFled","GLOBAL",1) followed by
    C: Eval('StartCutScene("dw#balc7")')
    I think you also need to find Balthazar's journal to advance.
  • Nothing helped. I've tried all commands.
    1) Mellisan fled, conversation with Balthazar, I return to pocket plane and portal teleports me to the monastery and thats all. (quest - the end is near? - finished)
    2) The same. Portal returns me to the monastery. (quest - the end is near? - finished)

  • After you either talked to Balthazar or you found his journal you should have this

    C:GetGlobal("DMWWGroveRevealed","GLOBAL") should be 1

    This should offer the grove to be chosen at the pocket plane portal.

  • Nope, nothing. Global is 1, but portal offers me other companions or teleports me to the monastery. Grove doesn't appears on the map.
  • Viom said:
    Nope, nothing. Global is 1, but portal offers me other companions or teleports me to the monastery. Grove doesn't appears on the map.

    Select whole party
  • Working!)
    Thank you!
  • Ok, this is very strange. I've just continued my game - I defetead demons in the Groove and talked to Solar and Melissan in pocket plane, then defetead The Ravager. And after this, as I remember, I must teleport to the Bhaal Throne. But teleport isn't working again. I've tried console to teleport my party there - Mellisan talk to me and nothing happens. (I choose the case when Balthazar is alive and helping me)
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    It seems that some dialogue additions made by wheels of prophesy mod are broken in your installation. I would assume that you (just by bad timing) are one of the unlucky victims that installed the first version of the mod after its update - the bugs should by now be fixed but it takes a long time to make it to ToB...

    Go to the BG2EE/override folder and look for the file PPguy01.dlg. Attach it here and I will try and see if I can repair it.

    Alternatively you can try this command
  • Oh, it's bad, I don't wanna replay the whole game(.
    Here it is:

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    Check these Globals

    C:GetGlobal("fin_balth_checkpoint_passed","GLOBAL") if not 1 set it to 1
    C:GetGlobal("BalthazarFights","GLOBAL") if not 1 set it to 1
    C:GetGlobal("DMWWGrove","GLOBAL") if not 2 set it to 2

    Now check if the portal transports you to the final battle.

    If not, set those globals and then

  • Thank's again. Globals are helped.
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    I had this issue.
    - journal entry for balthazar and needed to teleport manually to groove .
    - for 3 globals, only the last one was set to 2.

    (After a bunch of other issues which I will resume here:

    - Abazigal death dialogue not working. I had to modify his script to include the script dialogue at sight, because no % of life would do. I guess my charname does too much damage (I even tried sending charname alone to not do too much damage...)
    - Sendai first statue red, but when dead, nothing. I had to create another Sendai to trigger the rest of the fight, but then statue4 didn't go red too, so I had to create another sendai 4 and another sendai to fix it (meant I saw 3 times the cutscene after it).)

    Abazigal's bug was the worst: I spent 3 hours fighting him a dozen of times, first trying to sethigher % of life, then lower.
    At the end i was so pissed off that I set it "at sight" and THAT worked finally.

    Weidu log attached in case.
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    During the final chapter of TOB, amelyssan - after an initial discussion - casts freedom, twice.

    Her last sentence is:
    True. More insightful than I would have expected from you, <CHARNAME>. And far more clever for you to have denied me Balthazar's essence... although, to tell the truth, I was secretly hoping for him to have defeated you. Unlikely as that was, considering the pathetic monk could barely see the forest for the trees.

    From memory, I remember she would summons Bodhi and/or Irenicus, but I don't remember if it's "now" or later.

    Then nothing. We are out of discussion; if I talk to her, nothing happen. I cannot go further since there is no bridge to another of the 3 littles energy pools.
    Ctrl+Y'ing her does nothing...

    She remains blue and nothing follows.

    In team: Sandrah, Irenicus (who has not consumed Balthazar soul!So he is maybe redeeemed for the first time...), Jaheira, Viconia and Chloé.

    Weidu log attached.

  • The updated Ascension + updated Wheels + updated SCS create issues that are just currently being found. The updates were made a while back already but only now enough players reach the ToB final to encounter and report these problems. The issue about not being able to use the plane exit to get to the grove or Melissan showdown is related to this as well.

    All three mods involved are maintained by the same modder - who is currently absent due to real life issues.
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    Did Irenicus get the visit from Demogorgon already? Did you deal with the three pools already?

    All of this is connected with the already known Ascension/Wheels/SCS dilemma.

    (I will merge the topics - it is all the same issue.)
  • - Demogorgon for Irenicus, no; where is this supposed to happen?

    - " threen pools " what is it?

  • So what happened when Melissan noticed Irenicus presence in your party?
  • You mean during the final TOB meeting?

    She hadn't go to that point.

    I'll replay the scene now so I can do prscreen.
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    Ok replaying... I'm not sure what changed but let's printscreen post with multiple details this time since it's the last time (I hope):

    - during my first try, i choose option 2.

    - this time (second try) i choose option 5 because i'm fed up with the thing and just want it to end.

    Then this second try, something strange happens:

    BALTHAZAR is alive and with me.

    It shouldn't be, I killed him. in my first run, he wasn't there.

    Let's see the next part of discussion (where i have no choice option just "go on with dialogue" button):
    That's dialogue end.

    Summon cutscene like (I cannot move), Irenicus appears.
    Not mine Irenicus. Another one.

    Irenicus summoned is the common "irenicus" up.

    My Irenicus is the elven avatar (which is his avatar since I equipped something on him and didn't want to use EEkeeper to put his Irenicus avatar back on since... you know, EEKeeper and potentiel additional saves corruption in my current game), red circled in team at bottom.

    I choose option 4 because i'm totally lost and just want to see where it leads.

    At that point, she summons Imoen.

    Now she tortures Imoen:
    I chose option 1:

    End of that discussion and then (replaying back):

    She casts the "buffet wing" like effect on us and goes into tank.

    Then Irenicus (not mine) speaks:

    Option 2 and I answer:

    option 2 answer:

    and finally, dialogue breaks I think since nothing happens.

    I hit CONTINUE the dialogue, but it breaks the dialogue (as if it was a "END DIALOGUE" button)

    I can talk again to Irenicus, it loops that part of the dialogue.

    I don't know who is supposed to talk, but that person is not there or script is not running correctly.

    THIS WAS not the same as try 1 (no balthazar, Melissan was neutral, not Imoen and Irenicus who weren't even there!).

    I'll reload again and redo my first choice as option english, to see difference.
  • Adding final save, just incase.
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    From the text, apparently he expects Bodhi to be here. I'll create her when I find the file.

    OK it was "FINDBODH" . The dialogue continues (don't mind the multiple bodhi, I had to find the right one... and ctrl+y on bodhi is not very working)

    OK after this it works properly:


    I choose 3, refusing her help:

    Imoen turns reaper
    Fight starts. From memories, it seems right (except that I have Irenicus, but that bug is acted since previous post):

    I'll ctrl+y everyone because I'm not in the mood of playing this mokery of a final game after 500 hours.
  • I suggest that you check this global

    0 means that Balthazar is dead
    1 means he is alive and on your side. >>>>The english text in your first screenshot (second option) is for this case, so obviously the game thinks this is where to go.
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    (Obviously Ctrl+y the wrong Bodhi's started a lot of out of context dialogues I had to notice as such...)

    Then this dialogue pops:
    And i'm able to walk near the energy platforms.


    Edit: checked the global, it is set to 1.

    Obviously it is probably one of the globals I set seeing your previous post here:

    Roxanne said:
    Check these Globals

    C:GetGlobal("fin_balth_checkpoint_passed","GLOBAL") if not 1 set it to 1
    C:GetGlobal("BalthazarFights","GLOBAL") if not 1 set it to 1
    C:GetGlobal("DMWWGrove","GLOBAL") if not 2 set it to 2

    Now check if the portal transports you to the final battle.

    If not, set those globals and then


    I'll make a quicksave and reload the final save since I'm gonna do some cooking, that will give the game time to load. (that is adaptative strategies ^^)
    My final save has not this global I think and i'll put it to 0 if not because I did kill Balthazar.

    Edit: the final save had it also. I guess it's because I put the global to get the talking heads area thing.
  • Please do not blame me.
    The advice for the setting of this global was given to another player for his problem...
  • Fun fact:

    If you put the global to 1, here are the choices for the final teleportation.

    If you put it to 0 here are the choices:

    Since if 1, options 3 and 4 are the same, I think i choose in my second try the "4".

    Now I put the global to 0 and went with choice 3.
  • I choose option 2 as I said:

    She notices Irenicus!

    And NOW she summons Bodhi.

    An after that, she tries to frees something:

    And i'm back to bug I first reported: nothing happens.

    (note that in comparison to first try, there was no bodhi that i remember being there)
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