I want to make new quests with WeiDU but I don't know how.



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    Here is a progress update on the castle render. The tower layouts are near finalized and the very closely proceeding steps are to create the walls and grass.
    Looks beautiful so far eh X-P?
    Extra Point: The final layout actually closely resembles a deluxe version of the original 1994 Sea Tower of Balduran map; look:-D!

  • @Roxanne I have been thinking about the assassin at the Melia Quicknight at the Coast Way Crossing and the trigger.

    The idea of Melia is an 'easy' assassin character to help melee parties deal with Tranzig / early game better (drops a +2 T.H.A.C.0. melee ring; inspired by my brother being frustrated at early game Baldur's gate melee missing and the bow / mage being much more useful early on).

    I did not want to clash with other EET mods so I moved Melia to AR/BG2700 LionsWay and put her there. Maybe she was late to the party / heard some combat and went looking; who knows? The area was lacking a player combat encounter anyway so it works. The Coast Way Crossing has the Ogre too, hmm. I have attached the edited files that move Melia Quicknight to the Lion's Crossing. Delete OL2800.baf and copy paste Ol2700.baf and the Setup-SeaTower.tp2 files into the current version of the Sea Tower on github. Also I am not sure if this is correct for EET in the .tp2 file: "EXTEND_BOTTOM ~%LionsWay_BCS%.BCS~ ~SeaTower/scripts/OL2700.BAF~ EVALUATE_BUFFER" but it works in my test of a fresh B.G.S.o.D. V. 2.5.
  • Here I have the finalized tower layout, next step is the walls :-D!

  • I have added the wall polygons and grass ground:-D!

  • The Sea Tower of Balduran Castle is coming along quite well :-)

  • More work progressing the Sea Tower of Balduran Castle 3D Model Asset :-P https://www.deviantart.com/withinamnesia/art/Sea-Tower-of-Balduran-Castle-Redesign-W-I-P-13-813885408

    Work on the bailey ground (trimmed to fit :-D) and renovated gate house, It is looking like the Castle is finally coming together-.

    I still want to modify the outer gate house (lower the turret to allow better view and to make logical defensive sense to have a lower outer gate house so as to not undermine the main gate house's defensive height position). Also I need to add merlons to the wall and monkey around with the textures. Bit by Bit!

  • Here is a new progression made upon the castle asset! Merlons! I still should add Machinations and shorten the gate house and polish and fix smaller detail and get it ready for Photoshop work on Sea Tower of Balduran map:-D!

  • What about other buildings? The temples and the smithy, entrance to the sea cave? Barracks - may be separate or side entrance of tower. The entrance to the mindflayers - although that may be moved to one of the inside areas...
  • The barracks and temple are planned. The sea cave can be beneath the tower (no external cave perhaps / out side house; like most castles have 'clean walls' to aid in defenses.).
  • I have taken a break and I have been focused on building a house renovation before winter. This is where a great deal of my time has been spent.
  • I have built the floor to my house and have ordered more wood for the walls.
  • I have mucked around with the textures. I have to redo the textures on the castle and walls. Most likely removed the problem textures and restart from scratch for the errors are (I believe) caused from duplicate textures on the same face.

  • Retexturing Is Underway. It had to be done x.x.

  • I got fed up with the small finicky bits so I deleted the predominate leading wall and rebuilt it for better cosmetic appeal. A lot of work is still yet to be completed; such as to reinstate the windows and arrow loops. Lots of Progress!

  • Here is more work progress on the remodeled castle.
    We now have more windows to the left, they are measured precisely unlike before with the original model where they were hodgepodge stuck willy-nilly. Precise window placement:-P.
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    I read your post in my topic and here's what I’ll say. I know about the project Balduran's Sea Tower. Under the direction of Yovaneth.
    Why are you so attached to the project, it’s better to make your own project and realize your ideas is much better than to think up for others.
    The most interesting thing Sketchup is the most useful modeling program for fans.
    It’s convenient to collect anything like plasticine inside. I also use the Sketchup program
    For example https://ibb.co/vvcCp52
    The only drawback is that there is no work with the landscape.
    Your 3d models  not bad, but you need to make it more like BG. I will help you, but I need to know what to do.
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    @Gorion The reason I continue to develop the Seatower of Balduran stems from my desire to create a grand module for Baldur's Gate to make good of my years tinkering and put my work into a useful result that people can enjoy.

    I am bias, we all are to an extent yet I only have my own perspective to tell this perspective from so if you care to listen here is my side of this project:

    I started work on the Sea Tower of Balduran as a guest over at Spellhold Studios as an outsider. I asked around the Baldur's Gate Beamdog forum after finding a leaked W.I.P. map image of the project and I was granted permission to work on the project. I noticed throughout my years of tinkering that many people start and many people fall short of delivering on their goals; 'they get filtered' be it time, or hardship on the way what ever it may be. Yet for what ever forces at play I want to keep developing content for Baldur's Gate in this stage of my life; so I act bit by bit.

    Now the Sea Tower of Balduran is I believe over a decade old now with multiple developers who have now retired. So coming from a few graveyards of 'projects' or even group developments in my own life I am more accustom to the attitude of 'in life if one wants to do anything one must do it themselves'. I am no stranger to disappointment X-D.

    There is no money in this project, there is no logical reason for people create a high quality module; a cynical betting mind would place this as vaporware to low quality 'lipstick on the pig' release at best. Proper high quality games need a budget and or close friends to work with.

    In knowing this and seeing the current state of affairs over at Spellhold Studios with the Sea Tower of Balduran, retired developers, long term critical infrastructure stagnation, no progress, no inspiring leadership driven from critical creative talent; like people who write code, make art assets 'the core' etc. The project over at Spellhold Studios in my eyes was a sinking ship. If nothing was done I would become witness to another project that would be consumed again by 'the great filter' and sentenced to the graveyard of vaporware. An entire decade of work wasted.

    I decided to work with no friends, no connections, go into the digital wilderness and do the best that I could, failures and all and see how far I could take my desire and see how competent I was to activate upon my desires. I want to test myself against failure and grow.

    Over all I seek to find people to work with and grow and fulfill creative projects and share high quality content to the community. Yet ironically in spite of this I have been ostracized from Spellhold Studios' Sea Tower of Balduran project because of my actions. In my eyes I did not care who helped the project as long as the quality was high I would not discriminate. @Roxanne was the only person who helped myself in critical junctures in this project thus far.

    I am not one to dictate how a person creates so I gave the project 'husk' or 'skeleton' to Roxanne and let loose the creative flood gates. It was progress to a dead project and my goal was not to claim the credit myself, instead to revive a dead project. Even if I broke the trust of the original developers over at the Spellhold Studios with letting Roxanne host the unique version of our version of their content; I still felt that progress could be made in a place where before it was a graveyard.

    I am bias and I have no close ties to Spellhold Studios and I have no friends over on the forum (although I am open to work with people I just never gravitated there I suppose) and likewise I am an outsider in their perspective at Spellhold that stole their 'frozen' (I say vaporware) content and claimed the credit as my own with Roxanne (who I do not ask but I presume does not have great standing with everyone in the Baldur's Gate creative community) and I see a clique of people who have vilified myself forming around my past original works and have rallied against myself. This is life, I see this event as a silhouette of sort akin to the tale of Frankenstein's monster.

    I am bias yet I do not wish to squander goodwill to make productive relationships with people who have harmed my projects, this is my bias. Yet I know the long run and enemies become friends; time heals all wounds and so I hold no grudge or ill-will to these people who feel that I have wronged them. In fact I donated my previous work on the project that used assets that were no longer compatible with my redesign.

    I will continue to operate as I always have, mostly autonomous tinkering away yet now I am more conscious in making an effort to extend an open hand; for great games are made by great people and great people are hard to come by. Just as life filters the weak from the strong, so can the like-minded people filter time to find each other. The more that one pursues a desire, the more that the desire pursues one's self.


    I like making castles with Roxanne, this made the people (last person left) I started making the castle with upset and I am not allowed to use their 'bucket and spade' so I am making my own castle. I made people at Spellhold and the Beamdog Forums butthurt in my actions so I work here (I don't like online 'reee drama time' X-D). I like working with people yet not everyone likes working with myself. I want to deliver on hard projects and make cool content for Baldur's Gate and be game developer.


    The 3D Castle in sketchup (that is taking forever) was just planned to be a big elaborate prop that I would plop into paint.net and around monkey with; adding ground and terrain / landscape and cute little details until I liked it enough to create a map tileset image with:-P. I actually have no idea how to make high quality landscapes with Sketchup (or any other 3D modelling software [well maybe a bit on Unity]). I only know how to make high quality landscapes with 'photoshop' (paint.net).

    Anyway, I can see the interiors of the buildings using a lot of 3D models (with original Baldur's Gate assets photo-shopped in later) and this is a field that I am not great at, 3D modeling. Actually making an interior for castle would seem to be just as hard has making a crypt or architecture based dungeon.

    You know honestly if you like something just try to make it. We could collaborate with good communication to avoid inefficiency / wasting work and make things that we both like. I just want high quality and I am open for input; hell the more input the better, it is like painting and everyone is a colour to add to the canvas. I just ask that it be high quality colour, no painting with poo; what a silly analogy X-D.

    I find it that I work the best when I work on things that I am, generally drawn towards and interested to see where it takes myself when creating it. So just pick something be like 'oi I want to make some sick barrels yo' (or what ever you want X-P) and just go for it. If all else fails the worse case is that it is not used and the best case that the project is extra fun to work on and the quality of the content and the creative community increases; great games are made by great people.

    So who am I to say no if you want to make high quality content? If it looks like Baldur's Gate it probably will end up being Baldur's Gate. Some way, some how life finds a way; just stick to your guns and make really cool stuff and really cool stuff will find you X-D.

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    The question is that you are using someone else’s name, it’s not your idea of ??a project that you have become a part of the team. This is what I was talking about. And you can directly create the content that you planned to create with a new name. What would people have no questions, but content about the tower and what !!!
    That riveted landscape can do? Render image
    Look at what you can do in Sketchup and beyond. Reworked locations from mods to a new look.

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    @Gorion Okay first off, the work that you have shown is amazing! It is high quality creative work and very inspiring. Particularity the level of fine detail and love and passion that has been poured into these projects. It is truly amazing to see such creative strength in the creative community :-D!

    Second, about working on a project originally started by another group of people and making new content and eventually finishing the work. I can do this since the project is a fan project is not commercial in nature. I am not robbing business from another party because this is a non-commercial work; it is fair use.

    The new project hosted here uses new unique work being used to replace the older unfinished work; this is also fair use. The core idea is the same as the original project but this is also fair use for people are fundamentally allowed to work on the same idea. People can create art about the same subject; this is fair use. People may have an opinion that the project is bad or good for it goes around the older work but this is an opinion and not a violation of law; it is an online perspective.

    With that said the name of the Sea Tower of Balduran is a location set in Faerun and is an intellectual property of The Wizards of the Coast / D&D https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Seatower_of_Balduran . I am allowed to create a non-commercial work ('a module') that would actually generate interest for Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition and thus would actually benefit the rights holders of D&D indirectly.

    I would love to work with the parties involved with D&D. So much so that I work to materialize once written works into interactive content within the platform of Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition; I have a lot of good will towards the official rights holders of D&D and Beamdog. My cooperative bias is towards D&D parties, Beamdog and the creative and player community of Baldur's Gate.

    The larger scope of what I wish to name the project that encompasses multiple projects is an expansion pack with a name with 'Balduran' in it some where. Eventually along the lines of a big release like The Tales of the Sword Coast, Dark Side of the Sword Coast etc. So the Sea Tower of Balduran is a module yes, but I wish to have a grand adventure sweeping multiple areas with perhaps a large focus placed upon the location of the Sea Tower of Balduran. I want to seamlessly extend the world of Baldur's Gate.
  • Video link is not my work, this is a Polish project based on BWP
    My work is only a rendered landscape. And yet you have to make a plan or work out what you want to see in your project. That would carry out the stage for the stage of ideas on the project.

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    Quickly here is an update on the castle 3D model: Added arrow-loops and refined some textures.
    https://www.deviantart.com/withinamnesia/art/Balduran-s-Sea-Tower-W-I-P-16-Slowly-Getting-There-817782858 (keep zooming in with '+' on the image to see the view scale of the area)

    @Gorion The Polish project that you linked is amazing and so is your rendered landscape; I should have been more clear that I enjoy both works and I understand that they come from different authors X-D.

    For the plan on what to do step by step on the project, I have a rough idea.
    1.) Complete the exterior Sea Tower of Balduran 3D model (extra buildings and all)
    2.) Create the landscape around the 3D model (this could even be prototyped right now for the wall shape is completed).
    3.) Create a working area tileset image and create a working Baldur's Gate area to replace the current placeholder (older work) Sea Tower of Balduran map.
    4.) Create the interiors and polish the exterior map.
    5.) Link the major areas together to form a prototype comprised of new and unique maps and area art.
    6.) Add in 'minor' details and content / fine details and POLISH POLISH POLISH X-P.

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    Send me your model of the sea tower, only compatible with Sketchup 2014.
    Private Message Only. I'll see what landscape I want to pick up both inside and outside the tower.
  • Here is more work completed upon the keep:
    Bit by bit. I have improved the 3D model of the Keep, rebuilding / redefining the side walls and restoring the even cluster of windows / arrow-loops atop the top storie (the floor below the main roof). I still have more work to do and touch ups to apply, wish me luck:-D!
  • I am underway with expanding and redesigning the Sea Tower of Balduran 3D model. This is the Work In Progress of the gatehouse. It needs more work and adjusting; but that is the general idea. I want to redo the bridge as well and expand the walls to be wider to walk on and in general polish everything up for a better gameplay.

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    Here is an update on what I am doing. The video is more of a podcast / video log / show and tell; most of the video can be listened to so one can play it in the background. Anyway take care; I want to make more content.
  • I am pushing for a Christmas release for the Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour Emporium and I am hoping for more content production for myself in this area. I hope to fill out a recipe roster and add necessary and good encounters to spice things up a bit; to provide a platform for new content like the components and jewels.
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    I hope the best for the Sea Tower of Balduran project with new steam and a team of talented people over at Baldur's Gate and Gibberlings3 Forums. I only have so much time, I still have a house to build, my own game to make, bills to pay and this project as well XD; I cannot afford a grudge or drama - I just don't have time. I don't know if all the drama, politics and tension will end but I like new content for the community; even if some people don't like myself I still like if they make content for the community. Hey maybe we can get along eventually, although either way I don't have time for drama; I must focus on making content not making drama lol.

    They do not want my help (again) although I hope that it will work out where I can get stronger and they can get stronger because of the lack of support and need for independent work. Perhaps a rivalry or competition or some kind of life can be put back into the creative community for Baldur's Gate. Either way it is good if we both work hard; the community wins both ways so I am happy! Also what is there to gain by being upset? How does being upset make new content? I like making content for the community with or even without people; but I really like working with people if I can help it. Eh one can't win everything though. What can one do but try eh lol XD?

    These large scale projects are hard to make so if more people can pull off high quality content the better. Even if I am not welcome in some circles as long as there are circles of people working hard to make high quality content that is a success. I do not want the creative community to die. So by honey or by vinegar high quality content is produced and the community wins. For at the end of the day new high quality content from the creative community makes Baldur's Gate better and for the average player in the community that is Unity.
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    Hmmn, so all that art and areas are not wanted by the other circle, so.. If they do release a Sea Tower of Balduran module (Which I hope they do), and they do not want my area work.. Does that mean that my areas should be used in a place that is not the Sea Tower of Balduran? Its new area assets any way. Maybe this can be good for I would have to make a new areas anyway perhaps a really cool design can be redeveloped? Where should all of this work go and what ideas / locations could make good of a sea cave with a dragon lair, a beholder lair and some crypts? Is there a missing area in the Baldur's Gate World Map / Faerun that is missing but could be added in? I have a new castle map pretty much. If we both make the same area it would be kind of strange. If the project fails then there is no reason not to make the Sea Tower of Balduran and maybe if I made some new areas before that I can be stronger in that scenario anyway. If there are new areas what are some interesting candidates?


    Perhaps I should try Isle of Mintarn or Legacy of the Undead or More Wood of Sharp Teeth; Or something else? What would be some good ideas?

    I can make high quality area art I found out XD (I was not sure about a year ago haha, but I definitely can now). I am not sure what other people are interested in, although I would like to work on projects with some people if possible XD.
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    I have begun work on the Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour Emporium Module Standalone.

    The main changes are a trimmed down version / the removal of the Sea Tower of Balduran Content; although the Extra Expanded Enhanced Encounters, Ulcaster Ghost Knights, Hull's Masterwork Longsword and Gorion's Dream are present. I also fixed the Emporium stores (for example I removed bugged items and fixed missing items).

    Anyway I have been working on mainly bugfixing to get the standalone to play nice and it is nearly 3 AM now after 7 hours of work today (I am not good at bugfixing WeiDU but I manage :-P). Although most of the work was refining the small details to ensure a stand of high quality. Please tell myself if there any bugs or if you have any suggestions. I now am set up to work on adding new recipes yay X-D!
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