I want to make new quests with WeiDU but I don't know how.



  • WithinAmnesia said:
    @Roxanne What was the item name / XXXX.ITM of the missing item? I think I have an up to date version (some older items of mine did not use an 'OL' prefix and caused errors; its is simple fix, just need to know the missing item 'name.ITM')
    Missing items in shops appear as empty icons with no description and in NI they are called (null). So I do not know what was supposed to be there...
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    @Roxanne This version attached is without bugs (lots of small fixes and item integration) for everything is built with a purpose added on bit by bit over a few years. Every step was roughly calculated and made to be 'happy' with each other piece :-P. It has bug fixes, more features and everything was built building up piece by piece.

    The E.E.E.E. and Emporium content chunks are siblings from the same parent project and actually have dependencies interwoven as they were not meant to be broken up, just rather I did not have the emporium ready in 2018 Christmas :-P.

    The recent additions of voice files and trapped flaming fist chests and the removal of the ''duplicate' Flail +2 'The Thresher' in the Sorcerous Sundries are a good additions which have not been added yet to the fold of this version. This is for I have diverted my efforts from modernizing my previous package with the new additions into creating the rough silhouettes of the Sea Tower area image and where everything is going to go. I plan on building up 'the expansion' (so many module names at this point) piece by piece but the Sea Tower of Balduran is the center piece; and I must prioritize its work for much content is dependent upon the area :-P.

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    Sorry, but slapping a whole new bunch of new or changed files onto the mod right now is no procedure to work at the current stage.

    The mod has a tested and playable stable version on github now. People are testing it and provide feedback. So far no bugs have been reported, just some cosmetic improvements that I already implemented.

    Improvements and changes need to be done in a controlled manner. If you have "bug fixes", then please indicate what precisely the bug is, what the fix is and which files are affected. This is the advantage to use github and not some zip-files that often miss files or have outdated stuff hidden in it...
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    This is a 2.0 release ..., I hope Roxanne will has the time to integrate it with a last huge effort, but actually it would be easier to conclude a mod and then move on to the next.

    Some file are in different folder too such as sounds

    PS1: to read the screenshot, right click for "open image in new tab",
    PS2: trivial info, but free tool WinMerge you can download here:https://winmerge.org/ 
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    @Roxanne Well what ever works. Right now I need to focus on the sea tower map image. E.E.E.E. is a finished module and can be added any time (stable content).

    If you don't want the finished encounters right away just take the items from the E.E.E.E. and add them to the Emporium for the full stores call to them. Or even just // disable in the the tp2 the area scripts and creature and dialog files; make them benign and keep the items.

    This is an extra ordinary request to use my version as a base now to avoid version splintering; marry the two now and save pain later, this is the last time of adding a large amount of content out of the blue (I have no extra content to add, E.E.E.E. was it):

    -Honestly though I feel that it might be easier in the long run to just use my version (even with a 'leap of content') as a base (add the very recent additions) and throw it up on github (it used your version as a base anyway minus your very recent work:-P). This is for it would prevent extra future work as the two version start a drift:-S.

    The E.E.E.E. content is not new but old (last year) and the more stable version of the Hull dialog works fine. It might be better to bite the bullet now when there are less files to integrate than to wait a month or two and put the E.E.E.E. files and Emporium and other bits together; I want to avoid two splintered versions.

    I do not have any extra content to add E.E.E.E. was it and it is stable. E.E.E.E. seems like a lot of content but none of it is new, it has a year's worth of play testing so it is very stable. This will be the only time I ask to use my version as a base and if we do so now we can avoid two versions. I only want to have one version but I feel that the two must marry together soon to avoid future headache. Then onwards every new content created will be added in a orderly controlled manner and slowly added to the base version on github. Bit by bit:-).
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    I took a close look at all the new stuff and its implications.

    1. The Hull dialogue is fine, it can just replace the current one, no problem. >>> Done on github

    2. The majority of the encounters could be integrated as well, anyway the connection to the Emporium is not there. So
     - include them in the main component?
     - make them an individual component?

    3. The following ones need discussion
     - the encounter at the waysign in ar2800 should have a better trigger to a) not appear before chapter 3 b) take into account the AC_quest event taking place at the same point and not trigger when that one happens (just check the other mod's global)

    - the Gnoll stronghold should be a separate and user selectable component - if not part of another mod altogether. This is a tactical encounter and needs crosscheck with other mods.

    - the Xan stuff is not compatible with a whole bunch of other mods and should be left out. It has no relation at all to the content here and if at all it should be pursued in another mod.

    Number 1. is done
    Number 2 can be done with some weidu integration of the stuff to work in BGEE and EET, take compatibility into account - decision pending
  • Individual/Indipendent components are always preferable because they allow greater compatibility and therefore long life of the mod
  • davide said:
    Individual/Indipendent components are always preferable because they allow greater compatibility and therefore long life of the mod
    Also my preference...or at least best compromise, a different mod would be the better way still.
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    WithinAmnesia what do you think to conclude this mod and after start to made a new mod that it could contains Extended Gnoll Stronghold with a new dungeon too in which to recover Dynayer, as indipendent component. The second component could be the Ice Island Extension of which you have already spoken.
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    Sorry for my absence I in truth had anxiety painted in my mind. In my absence I went about with renovations to my house and playing other games, lots of learning and raiding classic naxxramas and farming on old school runescape and playing electric guitar. I still need to get better at singing :-P. I am only so human after all.

    Hmmn, I would love to finish this content up and work on a new dungeon for the gnoll strong hold and add other new levels and dungeons to Baldur's Gate; more than a few actually (Frozen fortress). Yet the work flow is limited for there are few people on the project. Yet bit by bit, with passion and love of the work the content is steaming along quite well; sure and steady :-).

    Well the individual content components should be made optional.
    Why, I do have a sightly tyrannical urge to make everything one piece but in truth I recognize that this blind urge of forced unity comes from not love, but fear of drifting the content apart and causing discourse or a lack of unity for the 'expansion' which may lead to its destruction. I remember past leaders who promised paradise at the cost of blood of others yet in the end they took their own paradise away from themselves and those of whom believed in them. For it is not what we have that makes paradise but who we are with; it is not the people blessed by the land, it is the land blessed by the people. Yet in truth centralized power absolute throughout history has never lasted long and was succeeded by the freedom of the individual to choose their own destiny as they saw fit. So I reflect on this and I wish to empower the mass individual's choice over my own. For without each other we are devoid of our most precise treasure; each other and the time that we spend. Life is finite and what physical wealth that one has cannot be taken with one's self in death; yet one's memory and what one crucially gave to others will live on. This is the immortally of humanity, teaching others the mysteries of the universe; does knowledge really exist if it is not shared?

    Back down to earth lol: If the content can be made as optional choices for the player to decide what is and what is not played in their game; I will support this. I am just worried about quality above all else and not overly about which path that people wish to take to get the good experience. I care in that for whatever path is taken that it is a path worth taking X-D.

    I have one request in the midst of all of this Independence of content choice: That the Fire Drake content in Cloakwood be with the Arms and Armour Emporium for the Fire Drake drops Fire Drake Scales which are meant to be reforged; this is to avoid a loose end and abandoned item potential :-).

    In the end I wish for all of my modules to be on the same 'expansion pack' installer but perhaps each component can be chosen; even if the list is quite long :-D.
  • We have this setup now:
    @0=Balduran's Sea Tower Quests
    @1=Increase mind flayer dungeon difficulty
    @2=Ghost Knights at Ulcaster
    @3=Hull's Sword extension
    @4=Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour Emporium
    @5=Extra Encounters

    All components can be used independently but players get more out of it when combining them.
    Already the main component (@0) brings items to the game that @4 can enhance. Same is for @5 (potentially! - there is nothing existing yet).

    The best way to deal with this would be to mention it in the readme.

    As long as there are such connections and interactions it makes sense to have this within one mod. However, I am reluctant if completely different stuff (e.g. Gnoll Stronghold mod) would be mixed into it. It is also bad for players, how are they supposed to know that the Gnoll adventure they may want to install is hidden in a mod not related to it at all?
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    Oh just advertise the features on the download page (once it is ready for release), pictures, a proper readme, a features list. These things I plan to have once the content pack is ready for release; like a menu of content or maybe even I could make a trailer going over features:-).

    I have been monkeying around with the textures to get a rough seafloor topography:
    I am just texting the waters:-P.
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    I found this Tower with a Watery Motte and it could possibly be use for a mage tower? Or use the textures for better castle bricks?

    Here is another one; a bit non-combative and off:

  • mage tower in an other site...
  • I have found an amazing old castle:-D!

  • Here is another amazing Castle :-D!

  • Here is a real life Castle: Castle Bodiam (Ruins):

    Here is Rochester castle under siege:

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    Here are some very good walls:
    Here is and Island Castle by Johnathan G:

    Square Castle Tower by Johnathan G (Could make into a castle)

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    I have a lot of castle 3D assets to work with now:-P
    I should be able to build a castle Sea Tower of Balduran from scratch now :-D!

    Castle Combine Composite!

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    I have narrowed down my base to the Rochester Castle 3D Model as a base (The Friendly Arm Inn and Grand Duke's Palace Castle are based upon the Rochester Castle in Kent United Kingdom):
    This angle accentuates (isometric 10 degrees off axis from behind) the curves to mimic the profile silhouette of the Sea Tower of Balduran from Volo's Guide of the Sword Coast.
    You see that bridge eh?>;-P

    Also that harbour chain has a chain house :-D!
    I still need to add some rascally catapults and a spot of a tower to the wall upon the south east. Naturally as to recreate a rough rhombus bailey (as to harken back to the forefathered transcript of Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast 1994)X-D.
    Also a quick mention: Next door to the Rochester Castle is the Rochester Cathedral and its Romanesque Crypt with 1,400 years of history:

    Update: Work on Balduran's Sea Tower Castle of Rochester is underway X-D. Bit by bit :-). Also don't mind the deleted merlons lol X-P.
    I am thinking of moving the gatehouse and bridge father north / central; so as to align the bridge to the northwest corner of the map to better transition the docs area exit. I am thinking of replacing the northern 'barn' with Roman / Greek style temple / cathedral building. Also tweaking the 3D model with more interesting assets and monkeying around with the courtyard's buildings. I plan to create interiors of the castle and wall towers as well as adding some catapults atop the towers and adding a castle tower light beacon :-). I might just add two extra wall towers to the south east to better represent the castle's defenses against hostile ships that would come from the south east of the Bay of Balduran. Also don't worry about the textures they will be sorted out in time (I am looking at some good ones):-). Also I am thinking of maybe rotating the keep a bit counter clockwise and creating a better doorway and entrance gate. Tweaking and polishing bit by bit :-D! Also I might just extend / 'push out' the south eastern wall to create more courtyard area better show the walk way and create a better rhombus shaped bailey; hmmn... *contemplating*.
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    I have progressed more work upon the Sea Tower of Balduran; there is still quite a ways to go but it is starting to look like something now :-)

    More details can be found here:

    I plan to extend the wall's walk way to better suit gameplay with an isometric perspective. I think I should also make more of a corner with the south east walls via an extension southeastwards. Also perhaps I can find a way to put the catapults in threatening spots without making the towers massive or maybe even just on atop the castle with maybe a few big corner towers (Expanded gatehouse, expanded south tower, south east tower, north east chainhouse tower and a light beacon and catapults atop the keep)? Four big corners effectively just like the version from Volo's Guide of the Sword Coast but more historical medieval castle looking :-P. I may expand the gate house as well. I still need to add more landmark features such as the Light Beacon and the Statue of Balduran.
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    Then I did not like the older design so I nuked the place! X-P
    Redesign Work In Progress 0.01 (The big circles are temporary).

    Progress (All of the major landmarks fit and the castle is bigger, More Zoom Ha!):

    This is the general layout of the sea tower castle, now the rest is polishing (Light Beacon Version  1.0 Woot!) :-).
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    Here is a quick update on the 3D castle progress.
    Here is another quick progress update:
    Here is one more, really quick (made during the writing of this post past from reflection of the image as I was about to post it) XD!
    Edit (Post Script) And One More:

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    I had an idea. To make a Non-Player Character character of my main raiding character from World of Warcraft Classic (Kronos); much like how the Bioware staff made their AD&D table top characters into characters within Baldur's Gate, Minsc, Sarevok etc.

    Veldryn is a veteran raider Night Elf Fury Warrior in WoW and has an ongoing (nearly done) quest for best in slot equipment (which has spanned since 2015 but really start in April of 2018 so 17 months). One item in particular the best one-handed sword in the game Gressil, Dawn of Ruin was pursued for 15 months with 8 months of perfect raid attendance for Naxxramas (I was also the warrior who used a 2H axe called nightfall that gave a deduff of 15% increased magic damage to target with its chance on hit). Kel'Thuzad is the last boss in Naxxramas.
    Naxxramas is a challenging raid:

    You don't need to use that many consumables maybe like 20% of that, just if you want try hard (the rest is actually bit autistic multiple world buffs etc. I raided naxx without world buffs for in Kronos Naxx was actually made harder for over a year and no world buffs). The rest he said is true X-D.

    Bla bla bla anyway. I was thinking of after all of the Sea tower content is polished to add in Veldryn as a Elf Berserker with Innate Lower Resistance, Invisibility (The nerfed one SPIN118) and +++ in Long Sword and Two-Weapon specialization. Joins at level 6 (60,000 Experience) in The Sea Tower bailey on a quest hunting a Lich rumoured to possess a very powerful long sword. If the lich is not killed in a week he leaves the party for good, stays if the lich is killed; much like the giant wyvern cave N.P.C. quest:-P.
    Basically what I was doing for 15-17 months X-D. I also have a Melee Dwarf Hunter that also swung Nightfall in Naxxramas so that could be something else much later.

    I should finish the Osprey / Candlekeep party module and area though after the Sea Tower content creation :-). I am not very knowledgeable on how to make a proper Non-Player Character module with banter and a quest. I can record the voices / make the audio files, make the areas, items and encounters, yet the WeiDU installer and an intricacies of dialog banter and quests are not very well known nor familiar to myself :-P. Eh another project in the pipeline / on the back burner lol :-P.

    Anyway I have got a lot of work top do on the Sea Tower Castle still :-P. I made a prototype for override use. I made it as a distraction and as bit of respite from doing that same for a week X-D. Use OLVELD03.CRE for the other two are buggy and not meant to be used. OLVELD03.CRE is the correct creature file for Veldryn.

    Do you have an ideas @Roxanne ?

  • If you want to add an NPC to the game, make an NPC mod.
    If you want a quest mod, make a quest mod.
    Mostly all of those minor NPCs added by quest mods (see NTotSC or DSotSC or Dark Horizons) are rudimentary and nobody takes them along these days. It is an outdated concept from a time when technical limitations only allowed one big mod to be installed at a time. We are past that today.
  • My two cent, in mine opinion, we have to manage a six party member: <charname>, Imoen ... she is mandatory for the story, Sandrah for her huge content...  remains three free slots ... a lot of npc have own mini-quest therefore the player have to change party often but it lower the exp of changed npc and weak the power of the party. I wish I would prefer to get mod that add quest and rewards to the currenty party instead of new specific npc. 

    Obviously this is a personal preference and may not be shared by other people
  • davide said:
    My two cent, in mine opinion, we have to manage a six party member: <charname>, Imoen ... she is mandatory for the story, Sandrah for her huge content...  remains three free slots ... a lot of npc have own mini-quest therefore the player have to change party often but it lower the exp of changed npc and weak the power of the party. I wish I would prefer to get mod that add quest and rewards to the currenty party instead of new specific npc. 

    Obviously this is a personal preference and may not be shared by other people
    Just...neither Imoen nor Sandrah are mandatory. Actually no NPC is.
    Even if I agree that my personal way of playing the game would include them...
    Still, neither EET nor the Sea Tower mod would require them.
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    @Roxanne Okay so go big or go home X-D?
    (Quick Edit: The Veldryn Lich Quest is not required, if the player killed the Lich without Veldryn in the party before hand the quest is complete; it is not a *Force player to drag X NPC thru cool gated content then dump X NPC type of quest* XD. It is just a fun extra thing for world / character building)
    Regardless of the state of affairs I clunked out a sword drop for the Lich encounter.

    Eh either way shaking the tree to see what falls out :-P. Iterate, iterate, iterate. So what if I make a bunch of really cool voice files and make a 'kill the lich quest' and make a dignified new character portrait (likely commissioned)? What is needed for that solid Companion experience; what are the milestones and benchmarks of a really high quality experience for a Companion? I have a whole bunch of ideas (some old some new) but I only want to only publish / release high quality content; nothing simple, basic or rudimentary. A seamless experience :-D!

    Also after making a bunch of high quality quests and areas one skill set that I want to grow in is companion creation and story telling. The fine art of a character. *I noticed that you like this area of the art of characters thus for myself it might make sense to inquire about this for future studying :-)*

    Also I really need to finish my Osprey character fling; but done right. Not some hodgepodge recycled asset boring pirated mishmashed garbled compressed audio file voice snippet mess of character voices and very bad portrait art and super human Mary Sue broken low quality item buggy Non-Player Characters that plague mods like DSoTSC *exhale* (of which I worked on with swit in the EE to try and balance but lost steam x.x).

    I see a great potential with the DSoTSC character roster yet.. It needs a few liters of polish and hard sacrifice to bring a shiny luster to the end result.. These things haunt myself; the near misses, the bridge too far. Characters are the cornerstone of a franchise. Do them right and they will be loved for generations and inspire greatness. Yet do them wrong and the world will come crashing down upon one's self (*cough* SoD launch *cough*).

    So I am very careful on this... And why I picked doing *an entire new chunk of Baldur's Gate* (lol serious that is funny) instead of cultivate a new cast of characters.. Which I think is very easy to do wrong, but very hard to do right; but if done right will be a crowning jewel.
  • I think that the Tenya mod is a pretty good example how to convert an existing NPC with a small quest into a joinable one with balanced interactions and a sufficient story in BG1. There is no SoD or BG2 sequel to it, but I prefer a well-done BG1 character to one forced into Amn or ToB without sufficient reason. She is perfect for me as she is.
    Unless, of course, you really have a story to tell that spans the trilogy and a character that stays interesting throughout.
  • I would prefer to make a high quality Baldur's Gate EE story for a companion; then once that is done plan from there. I would probably work on other Baldur's Gate companions or bring BG II companions into Baldur's Gate EE after; based on my history of work. I am not too big on SoD or BG II when compared to Baldur's Gate EE. Although I would eventually like to improve Baldur's Gate II; it is just that there are a whole bunch of Baldur's Gate EE projects that I should finish first X-D.
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