I want to make new quests with WeiDU but I don't know how.



  • Sorry for my absence I have been working hard on the houses. They don't demolish and build themselves X-D. Bit by bit :-).

    The new temple really bugs myself I am not going to lie XD it just stands out like a sore thumb from the rest of Baldur's Gate aesthetic. I really want to have the old temples back to be honest but I like adding content from other people so I think that combining the content in the best areas is the way to go. Instead of either or have both :-). Also that place looks kinda like a hidden evil temple anyway perhaps it can be used for an evil temple outside of Baldur's Gate? Polish, polish, polish:-)! (although after I fix the rest of the areas and polish what we have already started on; avoid bloat, do everything in  straight line of work focus :-P).

    There are a bunch of areas that I want to optimize and have the flow better but I need to spend more time here to do that. I need to finish the Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour areas and get the template shipped off to be used int the greater content herein.
  • The mod was a total conversion of BG2/ToB:

    here you could download a setup.exe that i cannot open as zip.

    To look it I have to install into a clean BG2/TOB  installation folder.
    After that a compare by WinMerge the installed folder to mine original BG2/TOB clean installation folder and I saw that the changes are all in the override folder.

    As you prefer, you can repeat it or I can zip override folder (167 MB) and upload to you by some website to excange file

  • A map with a farm
  • A wilderness maps
  • a dungeon (dl0302.tis exists, same size than dl0301, but nearinfinity does not preview 
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    No need to post more, thanks.

    The maps can be used pretty straight away. I just extracted them, removed the creatures from the are-files and walked around some of those areas by dropping the files into a BG2EE/override. They are compatible.
    Probably with more testing, you find one or the other glitch but overall they could be used in mods.
    Many are small interiors of houses.

    PS - I still have a large repository of areas that I did not use in my big mods. Some of these are inside as well.
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    @Roxanne Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour Emporium Version 0.3.

    It All works but it is Not Compiled.

    I fixed the area bugs and the areras works as intended:
    - OL0815.ARE (Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour Emporium Downstairs)
    - OL0816.ARE (Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour Emporium Upstairs)
    - AR0800.ARE (Restored Door must be patched in; uses a base game disabled door; unused Bioware content top right)

    I do not currently know how to properly package this content into a working WeiDU format (pressed for time / lack of advanced skill).

    I was hoping to have help in making the content WeiDU sharable for the community :-). The content is there (the core functionality and reforging system). Yet the content is loose in the packaging, it is just not assembled into a WeiDU format.

    Also zksmithy.d is the dialog for OLMICHAE.
    OLMICHAEL name is "Michael of Baldur's Gate".
    OLMICHAEL has 10 unique voice files. The last two are for damage and death. I think OLMIC1.wav - OLMIC8.wav are for conversation.
    OLBGAAE1.STO - Upstairs Merchant Store (OLMERCH1.CRE)
    OLBGAAE2.STO - Downstairs Arms Merchant Store (OLMERCH1.CRE)
    OLBGAAE3.STO - Downstairs Armour Merchant Store (OLMERCH1.CRE)

    Also there are some early 'mould casting artifacts' / left over scraps and odd pieces in there that I have not yet refined. I Threw in the deluxe version to prevent missing crucial files. I need to expand the dialog and recipe list but here is an incomplete recipe list so far (mostly complete); I will refocus the list for base items from the base game to get the reforge recipe list complete for game play.

    Main file group that forms the core:

    OL0815 (Various Area files)
    OL0816 (Various Area files)
    AR0800 (AR0800 Restored Door files)
    OLMICHAEL (Michael of Baldur's Gate)
    OLMERCH1.CRE (Upstairs Merchant)
    OLMERCH2.CRE (Downstairs Arms Merchant)
    OLMERCH3.CRE (Downstairs Armour Merchant)
    OLBGAAE1.STO (Upstairs Merchant Store)
    OLBGAAE2.STO (Downstairs Arms Merchant Store)
    OLBGAAE3.STO (Downstairs Armour Merchant Store)
    OLSW1H06.ITM (Long Sword +3 'Varscona')
    OLSW2H06.ITM (Two-Hanmded Sword +3 'Spider's Bane' [Item File])
    OLSW2H06.BAM (Two-Hanmded Sword +3 'Spider's Bane' [BAM File])
    BLUN39.ITM (Flail +2 'The Thresher' [Item File])
    BLUN39.EFF (Flail +2 'The Thresher' [Effect File])
    STO0703.STO (Removed Flail +2 'The Thresher' from the Sorcerous Sundries [Included in / relocated to OLMERCH1.STO])
    OLJEWEL1.ITM (Item used for upgrading reforged items)
    OLJEWEL2.ITM (Item used for upgrading reforged items)
    OLJEWEL3.ITM (Item used for upgrading reforged items)
    OLJEWEL1.BAM (Item used for upgrading reforged items)
    OLJEWEL2.BAM (Item used for upgrading reforged items)
    OLJEWEL3.BAM (Item used for upgrading reforged items)

    'OL~~~~.ITM' files are very numerous and can be avoided if needed for now. Most items here do play a part in the larger version of this module; all unique magical items have an upgraded variant. That is a lot of item that this module covers.

    The core functionally should be focused on first. The first step should be to get the new area files and AR0800.ARE restored door and working. Then have the audio files and reforging dialog for Michael of Baldur's Gate working as well (for Long Sword +3 'Varscona' and Two-Handed Sword +3 'Spider's Bane'). Also the merchants as well and jewels; then the module will have its first version and a major success :-D!
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    @davide Wait as second... Does this use assets ripped from 'non-legal' sources? I remember a thread with Diablo and another game, lion something an other isometric game rpg game, Arcanum is another one. The reason I ask is to have this module be friendly with Beamdog if we can manage X-D. There was this big castle I remember ripped from another rpg series floating around one modding forum.

  • @davide Wait as second... Does this use assets ripped from 'non-legal' sources? I remember a thread with Diablo and another game, lion something an other isometric game rpg game, Arcanum is another one. The reason I ask is to have this module be friendly with Beamdog if we can manage X-D. There was this big castle I remember ripped from another rpg series floating around one modding forum.

    The assets showing in mine previous post are contained into the old mod that I linked. I do not know their origin, sorry 
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    however I have re-bought the extended version collection on steam only to replay with the heavy modded versions .. it is friendly to Beamdog ;-)

    Balduran's Sea Tower mod contains "more" than the difference between BG1 and BG1EE
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    WithinAmnesia said:
    @Roxanne Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour Emporium Version 0.3.

    It All works but it is Not Compiled.

    I fixed the area bugs and the areras works as intended:
    - OL0815.ARE (Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour Emporium Downstairs)
    - OL0816.ARE (Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour Emporium Upstairs)
    - AR0800.ARE (Restored Door must be patched in; uses a base game disabled door; unused Bioware content top right)

    • The file OL0815.are itself is missing from your package, there are just the supplementary files.
    • What are the tis+ and tis+- files, which ones are correct?
    • What are the pvr files for?
    • DLG files make no sense without the corresponding strings
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    @davide Really? The Sea Tower is more than the difference between BG1 and BG1EE? Fascinating.

    I suppose the EE was mechanics heavy and this is content heavy :-P. I do greatly appreciate the superior mechanics (dual wielding) given to the Enhanced Editions, even if they were just mostly tutu ideas XD.

    Hmmn, I know! I know that changing and significantly altering an original artwork is no longer bound to copy right given the nature of innovation concession built into international copyright (often threaten by automated 'clone trolls' that flip, hue, crop and etc an image). The area art would need to be modified if there was copyright infringement. Although if the source of the artist(s) can be located perhaps this fear can be placated with more art sourcing understanding to enlighten the situation. Who created the areas' area art? It is best to play it clean; who knows what the future may bring:-)?
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    @Roxanne OL0815.are should be in there... *doubt ensues*

    I downloaded my link and its the wrong file; I had an older one saved with a similar name sorry x.x!

    Here is the proper link :-P

    Also here is the WED in Near Infinity of OL0815.ARE

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    Here is a short progress/deviation report.
     - I integrated the emporium into Ar0800 (BG0800 in EET), however without compromising the integrity of the original graphics of that area in EE (extra doors added cause those nasty stripes) but I found an acceptable solution. Transitions etc work.
    - Internally the areas are fine, just adjusted naming to standard and assigned correct scripts, transit names etc.
    - The several merchants are assigned suitable dialogues and stores. The downstairs ones sell potions and armory respectively, the upper stairs one has the better stuff from Olbgaae1.sto
    - Michael has the initial dialogue. He points you to the upstairs merchant for the usual buy and sell and also gives you an introduction to his ability to forge better things. So far, I have given him dialogues for the sea tower items improvement (dragon scales, broken scales that can still be used for a helmet, dragon eggs...). The other forging can be easily branched off from that dialogue
    IF~~THEN Olmichae Select
    ~So what do you have that may be worth the master's attention? Master Michael and that's me in case you haven't figured it out yet.~
    ++~Actually it seems I have nothing to test your abilities right now.~ + Getlost
    IF~PartyHasItem("Stoscale")~THEN REPLY~Can you use these dragon scales for a purpose?~ + scales1
    IF~PartyHasItem("Stoscal2")~THEN REPLY~Can you use these broken dragon scales for a purpose?~ + scalesB1
    IF~PartyHasItem("Stoeggs")~THEN REPLY~Can you use these dragon eggs for a purpose?~ + eggs1
    IF~PartyHasItem("SW1H06")~THEN REPLY~Is there a way to make this Varscona btter?~ + Varscona
    You can add any number of forging options to that starting point and just branch off dialogues for that.
    - Currently I have the smith use his forge in a little cutscene to take the party's items and animate the forging and then give them the resulting item. I personally prefer that to the "wait and come back in a day", but that is up to you. (I am not too fond of the complex recipes for items you have planned. I included an example for a simpler one that is still challenging for BG1...)

    I may have a testable version of it later. I still want to make some additions that relate the emporium closer to the main Sea Tower content and thus make it part of a larger plot (sea tower itself is a side quest of the vanilla game) and not some exotic enclave.

  • So
    I tested the emporium with Sea Tower mod and I think it is a solid basis for whatever you may want to add with respect to item forging.
    I have coded an example for the Varscona +3 for demonstration. Having the +2 version from the game gives the dialogue option with Michael - having a potion potn04 and 9000GP + the varscona gives the option that he forges it. If you want that "wait a day" still you may add it, currently he has a forging scene and the items are exchanged.
    Global is SetGlobal("OLForge","ol0815",1) in the DO of the dialogue and afterwards the other code to take/give items + gold
    Tested it on BGEE+SoD.
    I will later test it on EET as well and provide a link for testing.
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    @Roxanne I forgot to add the AR0800 files x.x. Here they are attached below.

    I made a video to hopefully cover more points with less lost in translation:-).

    Although I am missing an info-point / sign / map point Hmmn.
  • I found that door and yes it exists and yes I solved it without the need to touch any area or graphic files by just using existing flags.
    You now have the door, the passage and the info that tells you about emporium.

    From my point of view everything works, just the smith can be expanded any time to forge more items by just pasting more lines to his Select-dialogue block.
    Currently he enhances
    - black dragon scales, intact, which you get from helping the sea tower dragon
    - black dragon scales, broken, which you get by killing the beast
    - black dragon eggs
    - a varscona +2

    PS - I moved the DestroyItem(xxx) out of the dialogue and into script which makes the forging scene and dialogue smoother.
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    @Roxanne Hmmn, has the sea tower version been added to with the working door?

    I am not sure if the downloaded links would work if there is a newer version; wouldn't a new link be needed if the door was fixed in a newer version?

    I am still a bit confused if there is a new version with the door fix or if the old version is what the context of your comment is? Yet in the old version shared attached to the sea tower the emporium door was not operating; I am a bit confused - it is ~2:30 AM too so fatigue is a factor X-D.


    Also thank you so very much for all of the hard work that you have put in :-D. I am just worried about bugs and trying to bug test so that I have shared as much working files with you as possible. I do deeply appreciate how much work you have put in:-). I am just worried about missing (a) key issue(s) due to lack of focus or work on my end.

    I do not feel fulfilled and 'proper' resting now. Instead I wish to stay vigilant and focused until I have my due diligence in quality of work on my end completed :-P. I do not want to celebrate too early X-P.
  • WithinAmnesia said:
    @Roxanne Hmmn, has the sea tower version been added to with the working door?

    I am not sure if the downloaded links would work if there is a newer version; wouldn't a new link be needed if the door was fixed in a newer version?

    I am still a bit confused if there is a new version with the door fix or if the old version is what the context of your comment is? Yet in the old version shared attached to the sea tower the emporium door was not operating; I am a bit confused - it is ~2:30 AM too so fatigue is a factor X-D.
    I have not published anything yet. I was just reporting progress.

    Emporium is not yet part of any released Sea Tower version.

    I was waiting if there are more forge items that should be added or what the response would be to my suggestion to make the item lists shorter.

    In your proposal, every item would require about 10 ingredients to forge them. Either you have players that collect everything they gather in the game in a ton of bags of holding and such or you would require players to run around endlessly in search of a specific gem or item. Given that the forge appears only after you are able to enter the city itself that is quite some task to do. As a player who does not carry around every gem or scroll or potion I ever found, I would be frustrated by the requirements.
    Also, the requirements should make some sense - a vascona + giant strength potion = stronger vascona (why add other unrelated stuff?)
    So my formula would be - a main item (already very specific and hard to gain) + a (logical/related) "enhancer", e.g. a scroll or potion or gem for focus + a hefty sum of gold = enhanced item.
  • Another possible improvement could be some "in game advertisement" of the Emporium.
    Taerom or Thalantyr could mention it earlier in the game ("There is some master smith in Baldur's Gate....")? Or some pamphlet you can find that mentions it? Volo?
  • Here is my (for now) finished version with everything tested for both supported games.

    See previous two post for (possible) further work/refinement. Basically it is ready, additions are easy to do now.
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    @Roxanne Ah yeah sorry for the lack of communication. I agree to your ideas, an advertisement / foreshadowing would make sense. Thunder Hammer would remark on the smithy too I take it. This makes sense for both Taerom and Michael would know each other; Thalantyr and Halbazzer Drin would also know of the Emporium for the magical components and potions / commission related extra business they receive from the Emporium. Volo would definitely know about it. Sure he could give a pamphlet (scroll) out; saying he does not need it to transcribe into his guide of the sword coast :-P.

    I agree with less item components. 6 items should be the maximum (less is more, but keep some diversity / relevance to collecting other wise 'vendor trash' items):
    1.) Base Item and Gold
    2.) Pricey gem / Jewel*
    3.) Gem / Component
    4.) Gem / Component (Optional)
    5.) Potion / Scroll
    6.) Potion / Scroll (Optional)
    *(By Lore these Pricy Gems / Jewels are enhancers used in creating powerful magical items)

    Hmmn, I like the cutscene idea and I still like waiting one day for the item to be done; adds realism / in line with Thunder Hammer smithy. Perhaps after the cut scene (main enchantment / upgrade being imbued into the item) the item can be picked up a day later; finishing touches, refinement and polish work (as is the case for making high quality items for fighting).

    Perhaps to lesson the component item burden even more an optional can be made to pay three times the gold without the gems and scrolls (but the base item and Jewel / Pricey Gem would still be required).

    Perhaps something like:
    I can reforge your <Item Name> in a day's time but I would be needing <Full Item Components + Gold>. Or I can dip into me own stock minus <Item Name, Pricey Gem / Jewel> and I can wrassle up the finished work in the same time but for <Gold Price times three>.
    - I will think about it. I will tell you if I need your services later. (1)
    - I have all of the components and gold that you require; reforge my item. (2)
    - I have the most important components that you require. I will pay you the extra fee to dip into your stock; reforge the item. (3)
    (1) [Leave]
    (2) [Reforge Item, Take and destroy lesser gold fee and all components, wait a day for finished item](If have all components and lesser gold fee)
    (3)[Reforge Item, Take and destroy greater gold fee and core components, wait a day for finished item](If have core components and greater gold fee)

    This extra payment potion is not required; just an idea to lessen the item requirements but pay more gold as an alternative payment method.

    Michael is Based / Is a cameo of Michael Cthulhu from:

    I have permission too X-D:

    I hope to get the the emporium highly functional with just one item to reforge first, test it and then after a success; follow a dialog / script template to add in the other items. I am sorry if I was not clear on this point. I will reduce the item components to 6 maximum to a point of more sanity and keep it low enough to not have inventory bloat / collect-athon paranoia while still giving relevance to other wise 'vendor trash' item X-D. Also I have some new items that I can add later into the upstairs merchant's stock and general world (Field Plate Mail Armor and more boots and belts and gloves and rings and extra accessories). Also Flail +2 'The Thresher moved to the Emporium to make more sense).

    I am just looking for a high quality smithy fit for a trading City like Baldur's Gate that can upgrade players magical unique items into more powerful versions.

    Here is the 'speech' that I gave over in the Sea Tower of Balduran forum section in 2018 that spurred myself to act upon this store for high quality arms and armour:
    "The Arms and Armour Emporium of Baldur's Gate! This has always bugged myself for any two bit small time arms and armour merchant sequestered under a rock is usually on par with what can be found upon the store fronts of Baldur's Gate! I have seen the work done with the merchants in the Seatower of Balduran and the intention behind them in between the lines. Perhaps it sparked a latent urge to right that niggling issue that has always been there with my thoughts on the Original Baldur's Gate. The city of Baldur's Gate is one of the largest settlements of the Heartlands and is situated dead smack in the middle of the Sword Coast; an area infamous as the 'wild west' of Faerûn. This is a savage frontier and to the north there are the Fields of the Dead and the Troll Claws, there are bandits everywhere just crawling out of the woodwork (quite literally). Now more than ever with the Iron Crisis afoot the affluent people of Sword Coast will turn to the rich trading port of Baldur's Gate for a more convincing edge and a more stern suit of armour as imported goods and magic does not fall victim to the Iron Crisis. There is a dire need in the heavy and infectious air of terror emanating from a city on the edge for the people to bulwark themselves to the coming trials and tribulations of the day. Dark whispers shroud the shuttered atmosphere of the city. There is grip of fear upon the minds of citizens to go out late at night for people are going missing. Bandits and thieves are everywhere inside and out. The iron is no good in their arms; shattering asunder like metallic glass. The future of Baldur's Gate, neigh the entire Sword Coast hangs by a single thread. There is an uneasy sense of dread in the air among the people of Baldur's Gate about a potential coming war with Amn; the gloom hangs thick in the air of Baldur's Gate like the pestilence that clings to a corpse. More than ever right now is the the time to sell arms and armour by the cart load! People will pay the premium to safeguard their lives, families and homes from the brigands and marauding hordes of monsters that plague the Coast Way. Ship it in from Waterdeep, ship it in from Athkatla, ship it in from the Moonshae Isles, hell even ship it in from Calimport if they are willing to pay the price!"

  • The idea of higher price to take items from his own stock is good (so good that I saw it before in some mod already...but no hindrance).

    - now that we have the baseline I will leave the internal dealings of the emporium up to your discretion, like we did with the Gorion's Dream rewards. If you have something ready we can integrate it.
    - I will add some hints to the Emporium into some dialogues in earlier encounters.
  • Okay that sounds good Roxanne. I will continue to monkey around with the emporium; thank you very much :-). *Time to do some monkeying around*:-P
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    @Roxanne I have a WeiDU sharable version that has the Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour Emporium to the latest level of area polish.

    Baldur's Gate Sea Tower + Arms and Armour Emporium 0.3.3:

    I think my WeiDU work is not 'Kosher' with EET but it works and was tested upon a fresh Baldur's Gate Siege of Dragonspear client. For Example I have multiple legacy version of the area content files and I did not risk making errors so I copy pasted everything (the ++ versions are the latest I think; I would have to check the area files to what they call for :-P). Also I copy pasted AR0800.ARE into the override.. Uhh, yeah <.<.. I also noticed:

    COPY_EXISTING ~%EBaldursGate%.are~ ~override~
      LPF fj_are_structure
        fj_type         = 2
        fj_box_left     = 2766
        fj_box_top      = 234
        fj_box_right    = 2790
        fj_box_bottom   = 339
        fj_cursor_idx   = 30
        fj_vertex_0     = 2766 + (295 << 16)
        fj_vertex_1     = 2790 + (339 << 16)
        fj_vertex_2     = 2790 + (269 << 16)
        fj_vertex_3     = 2766 + (239 << 16)
        fj_structure_type   = region
        fj_name             = Emporium
        fj_destination_area = OL0815
        fj_destination_name = Exit0800

      LPF fj_are_structure
        fj_loc_x       = 2722
        fj_loc_y       = 345
        fj_orientation = 2
        fj_structure_type = entrance
        fj_name           = Exitol0815

    COPY_EXISTING ~bg0800.ARE~ ~override~
      SAY 0x723c @200
    COPY_EXISTING ~ar0800.ARE~ ~override~
      SAY 0x723c @200

    COPY_EXISTING ~ol0815.ARE~ ~override~
      WRITE_ASCII 0x484 ~BG0800~
    COPY_EXISTING ~ol0815.ARE~ ~override~
      WRITE_ASCII 0x484 ~ar0800~

    COPY_EXISTING ~%EBaldursGate%.are~ ~override~
    bounding_open_left= 2722
    bounding_open_top= 232
    bounding_open_right= 2771
    bounding_open_bottom= 299
    bounding_closed_left= 2765
    bounding_closed_top= 239
    bounding_closed_right= 2781
    bounding_closed_bottom= 327
    flag_located= 1
    door_name= ~Door Object 15~
    travel_trigger= ~Emporium~

    I am thinking that this format is that way to do it in WeiDU. (Yet I am too inexperienced to write it well O.o)

    Yet I am not well versed in how to translate my area regions and area general polish for EET. I know that I will make many mistakes and the version I have shared works, and it can show you and give you a version to compare and tinker with. So my link is a limited success for it does work but it does not play nice with EET or perhaps other mods x.x.

    The main point is to share with you the latest level of polish for the AR0800.ARE door and how I wanted to share the OL0815.ARE and OL0816.ARE areas as up to where I have them now.

    I know that you have a great deal more skill with scripting / coding than I do and I was looking around trying to find how the Infopoint15 door text (Emporium front door) was input (so I could see how it worked). I know that you run EET and there is more work with both EET and BGEESoD; I also know that I am blind in how to make this work with two systems for the installer (I want to though:-D!). I am hoping that solution can be made to retain the level of quality in this version of the Baldur's gate Emporium but also be available for EET players as well :-).

    I hope this works enough to tinker with :-P. I am sorry if I have to make you use a fresh BG SoD client vs your beloved EET :'-( .Yet a fresh BGSoD is what I use for every test for I am paranoid of 'data artifacts' / messed up dialog / bugs from uninstall / reinstalls X.X. I try to do extra work so that the finished product to share with others does not have errors and is a nice smooth enjoyable experience. The developers should handle the bugs so the player's don't have too X-D! *Cough* Bethesda *Cough* :-P.

    Post Script: Uh O' specgetti O' the OL0815.ARE merchants have the errors (Wrong stores and the dialogs' are not right) with their stores X-D. Eh bit by bit :-).

    Also here is another module that can be added to help flesh out some content bare areas of the game progression for all play-styles: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/73749/extra-expanded-enhanced-encounters-module-download

    I have more items that I should add to the stores and blacksmith reforging recipes as well in a future update:-).
  • The reason why I think that the current solution for integration into Ar0800 (BG0800) is the best with respect to compatibility with a modded game is in the fact that the original Bioware area that is also used in BGEE or EET has some weird stuff in it - I think you found that yourself.
    The whole naming convention of areas, triggers and doors is a mess, including objects in the wed not appearing in the are etc, etc.
    The Info point for the rotten doors appears three times for different doors but with identical names - so you cannot get rid of it with Weidu or in any other compatible way.

    You can do many changes locally on the files but not via mod. This is why I came up with my solution to give it at least a meaningful text since I cannot get rid of it.
    In any other area you could replace the info trigger with a travel trigger by means of the area script. In this particular area you have 3 identical targets and no way of telling which one you want to change. (Look for the Info triggers all named "InfoHouse")

    In summary...you just picked the worst possible door in the game...

    Note - just recently another mod was released that makes use of another of those rotten doors at the other end of ar0800. That fact alone would forbid to use any overwriting files and limits what we can do here to "careful non-destructive patching".
    Unless someone can point me to a solution that I may have missed, I would leave it as it is.

    Sorry, I did not get your point about the ol0815 and 16.

    PPS - I just had a bright idea about a possible trick to disable the info trigger for our door after the first use of the door. I need to test it, I am not sure it will work but it is worth a try... 
  • It looks that my bright idea out of the above dilemma works...

    You find our door - you click on the "?" and get the revised info text "The shabby door conceals the town's most prestigious smithy." - you open the door - you get the travel area and the info area is gone. Open, close, transit thereafter is normal.


    The change is in the github already, so no need for a separate download.
  • Baldur's Gate Sea Tower of Balduran + Arms and Armour Emporium + E.E.E.E. 0.3.33

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